Indians urged to have faith in ‘impartial’ justice

Indians urged to have faith in ‘impartial’ justice

Australia's Victorian state Premier John Brumby on Wednesday appealed to the Indian community to have faith in the country's justice system which is "impartial" and "best placed" to deal with any racist assault.

Australia’s Victorian state Premier John Brumby on Wednesday appealed to the Indian community to have faith in the country’s justice system which is “impartial” and “best placed” to deal with any racist assault or acts of violence against them.

“Racism and violence are unacceptable in our community. The justice system is impartial and treats all people equally,” Brumby said,reacting to a recent incident in which a group of Indians retaliated after some Australian skaters smashed their car and hurled abuses at them,leaving two of the attackers injured.

He stressed that the Indians were a vital part of the Australian society and the government was taking serious steps to protect the community from any injustice against them.

“The justice system — our police and our courts – are best placed to deal with racism and violence,” he said. “My message to the Indian community,which is well established in Victoria and constitutes as many as 300,000 people in our state,is that you are valued members of our community,” Brumby,who recently concluded his week-long trip to India,said and urged the community to have faith in the justice system.


He said his recent trip to India had helped to reaffirm the relationship between the Victorian state and India.

“My time in India has helped to reaffirm and build relationships between Victoria and India. The many students I spoke to in India,particularly at St Stephens College in New Delhi,understood that while there may be isolated incidents,Victoria is a very safe destination,” Brumby said. He noted that Victoria had excellent universities,part-time employment opportunities and a terrific standard of living and was safest and most multi-cultural state in Australia,making it an ideal destination for students.

Brumby said that during his India visit,he met Human Resources Development Minister Kapil Sibal and Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit,among others.

“I was able to outline the concrete actions our government is taking to improve safety and security for students in Victoria,” he said.

The Premier said he expressed his commitment to the Indian government that information will be provided on confidential basis on how matters of interest are proceeding through the justice system here.

“Our government takes very seriously the trust that Indian parents place in our state when they agree to their sons and daughters coming to Victoria to study. That’s why we are taking a range of actions to improve the experience of Victoria for Indians living in our state,” he said. Around 30 Indian students were attacked in Australia,most of them in Victoria,in the period between June and August. Several other incidents of assaults also came to light in recent days.