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I feel persecuted just like ‘love-cheat’ Rooney: Pietersen

Kevin Pietersen has been stripped of England captaincy,lost form and underwent surgery.

Kevin Pietersen has said that copping with 18 months of misery has made him feel persecuted like England striker Wayne Rooney.

Pietersen,who was stripped of the England captaincy,lost form and underwent surgery,reportedly said that he was ”hammered” in the same way as the England striker.

“We know as sportsmen that if we are not playing well,or letting down ourselves or other people,the more times people hammer you. It doesn’t really help. I look at the Rooney situation. He should not have to go to Dubai to get away from things,” the Sun quoted Pietersen,as saying.

“He should be supported. The man’s a genius. He will be a legend of the game and should be supported,rather than hammered about stuff,” he added.


He,however,believes that he has rediscovered his batting magic,following some one-on-one sessions in South Africa with his schoolboy mentor Graham Ford.

“Graham Ford is somebody I’ve worked with throughout my life,so it was amazing I could spend two weeks with him and gather back my confidence and free spirit. He picked out one little thing I haven’t been doing in the last six months,since the World Twenty20 in the Caribbean,and we worked on that in particular,” he added.