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I am fully convinced that Sreesanth was part of the fix: Ravi Sawani report

BCCI's probe recommended bans for all six Rajasthan Royals cricketers involved.

BCCI’s one-man probe into the IPL 6 fixing episode has recommended bans for all six Rajasthan Royals cricketers involved. Ravi Sawani’s judgement was based on his analysis of evidence provided by Delhi Police and his questioning of the tainted players. Below is Sawani’s verdict on S Sreesanth,Amit Singh and Siddharth Trivedi

During Sreeesanth’s examination,he stated that he was closely associated with Jiju Janardhan,another cricket player. They had first met at MRF Pace Foundation in 2003 …

Sreesanth stated that Jiju had joined him at Jaipur either before or after the Mumbai Indians game. According to Sreesanth Jiju was his partner while training in the gym …

The Delhi Police had questioned Sreesanth about the alleged fix arrived at by Jiju on his behalf i.e. to give 14 runs in his second over during the IPL game against Kings XI Punjab at Mohali. As per Delhi Police,Jiju had arranged with the bookies that he would give a signal to confirm that the fix was on by wearing a towel. Sreesanth stated that Delhi Police had accused him of having done this fix with Jiju and other bookie agents he later learnt to be Mannan and Chandresh Patel. Also Read: Amit Singh appears to be the bad fish


While deposing before me,Sreesanth denied any knowledge about the fix and stated that he did not underperform. He normally wore a towel or a wrist band to wipe off sweat and to ensure that the ball was free of moisture. According to Sreesanth,though,it is a fact that he had admitted certain wrongdoings before Delhi Police and signed some confessional statements,but those were a result of continuous torture and interrogation. Sreesanth claimed that he wanted to get out of the place by making the police officials happy about what they had achieved. According to Sreesanth,the police had threatened him and Abhishek Shukla that they would arrest their relatives if they did not confess. Sreesanth claimed that he had no connection with the money (Rs 5.5 lakh) that was recovered from Shukla’s house and that he was not aware of its source. Also Read: Trivedi had been approached… but he failed to report

Sreesanth further stated that he neither knew Mannan nor Chandresh and had never spoken to them over phone. Sometime at the start of the IPL,when he was coming out after a party,he was requested to pose for a photograph with Mannan and Chandresh who were sitting in the lobby. He obliged. Both had also taken pictures with other players present in the hotel that day. Sreesanth admitted he had received Anti-Corruption education prior to each IPL season and many times as an international player. Finally,Sreesanth stated that he had never been approached by anybody to do anything wrong in cricket and denied all allegations levelled against him. Also Read: BCCI probe finds four Rajasthan Royals players guilty of spot-fixing

I have been able to obtain from Delhi Police sources transcripts of two conversations between Sreesanth and Jiju recorded on May 5. Sreesanth is heard directing Jiju to buy three phones. In reply,Jiju refers to receipt of certain money wherein he states that he has already received ten,of which he would retain seven. He confirms that the seven will be handed over to Sreesanth. In reply,Sreesanth tells Jiju to take one out of that money and purchase the three phones …

Irrefutable evidence

During my personal conversations with Delhi Police officials they had confirmed that both Sreesanth and Jiju during their custody had broken down in the face of strong and irrefutable evidence and confessed to having fixed the match. When Jiju told Sreesanth that he had already told the police everything and that there was no point hiding facts any further,both cried and hugged each other before Sreesanth also admitted to being part of the fix. However,during his examination by me,Sreesanth stated that he had confessed only due to the enormous pressure he was put under.

The audio tapes in the possession of the Delhi Police,and the transcripts,clearly indicate that Sreesanth had already received Rs 10 lakh from someone as part of the fix and that such money was available in their rooms on May 6,i.e. before the Mohali match on May 9. Delhi Police also confirmed that they have a recorded conversation between Jiju and a bookie wherein Jiju is discussing the specifics of the fix. It is already on record that Rs. 5.5 lakh was recovered from Sreesanth’s friend Abhishek Shukla who had indicated to Delhi Police that the money had belonged to Sreesanth. Sreesanth denies it and alleged that the money was planted by Delhi Police. I cannot believe that they would plant such a huge sum of money just to prove their case.

It is also on record that Delhi Police had recovered the Z 10 Blackberry presented by Sreesanth to Sakshi Jhala in Jaipur,who admitted that it had been gifted by Sreesanth. The recoveries made by Delhi Police corroborate the transcript. In the circumstances,I have no reason to doubt the veracity of the audio tapes and the transcripts. The Delhi Police are unable to provide the tapes to this Inquiry Commission without the prior permission of the court which has taken cognizance of the case against the IPL players. However,in view of the ample corroboration available and proven contacts between Jiju and the bookmakers,I am fully convinced that Sreesanth was part of the fix and,therefore,I confirm my earlier findings of holding S Sreesanth guilty of the offences listed in my initial report.

Who was found guilty of what

Ajit Chandila,Sreesanth,Ankeet Chavan and Amit Singh

* Match-fixing

* Seeking or offering a bribe as a reward for match-fixing

Chandila,Sreesanth and Chavan

* Underperforming for a reward

* Ensuring the occurrence of an event during a match,knowing it is the subject of a bet

Amit Singh and Chandila

* Soliciting other players for match-fixing in the IPL

Chandila,Sreesanth,Chavan and Siddharth Trivedi

* Receiving payment or gift for the possibility of bringing cricket into disrepute

Chandila,Sreesanth,Chavan,Amit Singh,Trivedi and Harmeet Singh

* Failing to report an approach by bookmakers to fix a match to the BCCI anti-corruption unit

Amit Singh,Trivedi and Harmeet Singh


* Failing to report to the BCCI ACU the knowledge of another player being approached by a bookie