How 30-ton dinosaurs actually had sex

How 30-ton dinosaurs actually had sex

'Dinosaurs weighing more 30-tons and longer than four-storey buildings made love just like dogs do'.

It is a well known fact that dinosaurs ruled the Earth at some point and they could only have done this by being good at mating,but how they actually made love had been a mystery till now.

“The most likely position to have intercourse is for the male behind the female,and on top of her,and from behind,any other position is unfathomable,” the Daily Mail quoted Kristi Curry Rogers,Assistant Professor of Biology and Geology at Macalester College in Minnesota as telling the Discovery Channel.

However,some experts have questioned this line of thinking and suggested that dinosaurs romped in water.

Stuart Landry,a biologist,believes that big dinosaurs would just fall over on land and would have needed water to provide support.


Gregory Erickson,a paleobiologist at Florida State University backs Rogers’ findings.

“It’s going to be very touch and go. It’s an awkward thing,” Erickson said.

“I’ve heard speculation that they did it in the water,but they’re not aquatic animals. Just because they’re large animals,doesn’t mean they can’t mate on land – after all,elephants do it,” he added.