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Flipside of IPL: Yadavs wary of ‘wrong’ attention

Tilak Yadav’s house in Khaparkheda village,nearly 30km from Nagpur,has a steady stream of visitors,most of whom come asking for favours.

Tilak Yadav’s house in Khaparkheda village,nearly 30km from Nagpur,has a steady stream of visitors,most of whom come asking for favours. The 57-year-old,who has worked in a local coal mine for most of his life,owes his rising stature to the two new cars the family has recently bought and the ongoing expansion of his house. In January this year,the Yadav household received a windfall — $750,000,to be precise — when their younger son,Umesh,was picked up by the Delhi Daredevils. The 23-year-old medium pacer’s rise to prominence has made his father the most sought-after person in and around the village.

“Things have certainly changed since Umesh made his India debut last year. When you have money people will expect you to help them,” the senior Yadav said. Recent requests for donations include one for building a temple,while acquaintances have been asking him to fund their daughters’ wedding or help in paying off dowry. While he entertains many such requests,he hasn’t considered the numerous marriage proposals that have come for Umesh.

“I don’t like the attention. The other day,when I went to the local market,I tied a cloth over my face hoping nobody would recognise me,” he said. If he is uneasy about all the hullabaloo that has been generated about Khaparkheda producing an India player,it’s because he doesn’t want his son to get the ‘wrong’ kind of attention.

Unsafe area

“This area is not every safe. Kidnappings and robbery are common. The wrong kind of people get the whiff of who has a lot of money. I have advised Umesh to stay in Jamtha near the Vidarbha Cricket Association stadium. Travelling alone here is not safe. You can see how deserted the roads are; with him being so much in demand in this village,it is better he stays in the town now,” Yadav said.


Umesh,selected in the squad that will play the first two One-day Internationals against England,has invested in a small piece of land near the stadium and the family hopes to shift base once a new house is constructed there. Yadav believes life will be more peaceful and he will have fewer pesky visitors if he moves out of Khaparkheda.

Despite the recent riches,Yadav remains down-to-earth about money. He gave up his job as a mine worker six months ago after his wife passed away,and understands that money cannot get you everything in life. “Despite having so much money,we couldn’t save her from the heart ailment. That’s the funny thing about money,” he said.

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