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Father sues Radisson owner for £100 mn

Bal Mohinder Singh,84,has sued his son for £100 mn for excluding him from family business.

One of the richest Indian businessmen in Britain,Jasminder Singh,the owner of the Radisson Edwardian Hotels Group,has been sued by his father for 100 million pounds for excluding him from the family business and not sharing property according to Hindu tradition.

Bal Mohinder Singh,84,stands to take a third of the family fortune if he wins the High Court battle against his son,worth an estimated 415 million pounds.

In a witness statement submitted to the court,Bal Mohinder Singh accused his son of shaming his family by turning his back on the Hindu property sharing tradition,The Daily Mail reports.

“Both I and his mother are deeply ashamed that Jasminder should publicly renounce his cultural heritage and the mutual rights and obligations in which he was brought up,” Bal Mohinder Singh said.


“For Jasminder to deny that and claim all the credit and ownership for himself will be shocking to wide sections of those communities particularly our family friends,that is why his mother and I are so ashamed,” he added.

Jasminder claimed that he did not have a particularly religious upbringing,and added that neither of his parents regarded the family to be living under an agreement to share property nor was there any such agreement.

Mohinder Singh also accused his son of trying to force him and his wife Satwant Kaur Singh out of the 10 million pounds family home in Berkshire.

The father said his son has called in builders for substantial redecorating work ”with no regard for our comfort or convenience”.