Excerpts from Neville Tuli’s response to a questionnaire sent by The Sunday Expresshttps://indianexpress.com/article/news-archive/print/excerpts-from-neville-tulis-response-to-a-questionnaire-sent-by-the-sunday-express/

Excerpts from Neville Tuli’s response to a questionnaire sent by The Sunday Express

‘I included too many diverse non-profit making activities,placing a burden on the auction house’.

On the vision behind Osian’s.

From day one,the vision to build an integrated and transparent platform for the arts,uniting the arts,cinema,architectural heritage and philosophy has been,and remains,the core. The auction house was to be the main generator of wealth while creating financial transparency and taking forward a clear documenting and archival duty. The exhibitions,film festivals,publications,archival research and education would be funded by the

Auction House.

Once art is seen to be a credible asset,then the power in the hands of the intelligentsia and creative community changes radically,hence the power struggle balance within India,and so the next step of placing art and culture at the centre of India’s developmental framework becomes slightly easier.

Once the art object becomes financially credible,an art fund would be the next step in taking forward public participation and the slow awareness that within our arts and heritage lay the greatest source of wealth and knowledge.

On current financial woes.


The change in the market from 2007 to 2009 was radical in all aspects,no one foresaw this collapse. In 10 years,Osian’s had never faced any collector backing out of purchases. Suddenly it was a very different scenario.

In retrospect,I included too many diverse non-profit making activities,placing immense burden on the auction house. When the market melted,Osian’s having a huge debt,suffered the most,especially given the illiquidity of art.

On future plans.

These will be announced shortly. Broadly,we have earmarked December 2011 as the restart of our auction operations. We plan to finally open out our digital knowledge base (the largest in the world for the Indian and Asian arts and cinema) and its online education. We will take forward our Osianama project through a newly set up subsidiary and all film infrastructure building activities will restart by January 2012.