Even demons have shame: Kausar’s husband

My wife who was nine months pregnant was raped,cut and burnt: Kausar's husband

Written by Ujjwala Nayudu | Ahmedabad | Published: August 29, 2012 10:23:21 pm

One of the goriest stories to emerge from Naroda Patiya after the riots was of a young nine-month-old pregnant woman’s stomach being slit open,her foetus being pulled out,and of her being set on fire. Kausar Bano was found lying half-burnt and naked outside her house.

As those who attacked her were finally punished today,her husband Firoz broke his silence of 10 years.

“My wife who was nine months pregnant was raped,cut and burnt. It was my biggest failure that I couldn’t save her. I have never spoken to anyone about her after her death,” he said.

“Jisne uska balaatkar kiya woh insaan nahi the. Jalladon ko bhi thodi sharam aa gayi hoti,lekin inko nahi aayi (Those who raped her were not human,even demons would have felt ashamed,they didn’t).”

An autorickshaw driver,Firoz cut off ties with old friends and relatives at Naroda Patiya after the incident and now lives a quiet but struggling life at Vatva. Remarried,he has three children with his new wife.

It was just a year before the riots that Firoz and 22-year-old Hina Kausar alias Kausar Bano had got married at their native place in Karnataka. Firoz used to work as a labourer in a factory in Patiya’s neighbourhood.

He recalled that he was coming home from work for lunch that afternoon of February 28,2002,but couldn’t enter the narrow bylane of Naroda Patiya as it was blocked by more than 600 to 700 rioters near the Noorani Masjid.

“Some men were running out screaming ‘riots’. I saw the Noorani Masjid burning. I froze that moment… did not know what to do. I just wanted to save Hina as I knew she couldn’t run from there. Three-four times I tried to enter,but failed… Hina did not know anything about this place,people and never picked up the local language. She was raped outside our house by men who pulled her out,pulling out her clothes in the verandah. She was totally helpless because of her pregnancy.”

Five other members of Firoz’s family died in the riots that day,including his sister and one of his uncles as well as Kausar’s brother Zahid’s wife and two children. Zahid and Kausar’s father Khalid Noor Mohammad,who were visiting Kausar for a gaud bharai (baby shower) ceremony,managed to escape from the backdoor.

Also an autorickshaw driver,Zahid lives in Citizen Nagar — the second rehabilitation colony for the 2002 riot victims in Ahmedabad after Vatva. He hasn’t spoken to Firoz since that day,blaming him for not saving his sister.

“Zahid has no relations with me at all. He has also become short-tempered and starts beating up people when someone asks him about the Naroda Patiya riots,” Firoz said.

A witness in the case,Noor Mohammad shifted base to Karnataka two years ago due to pressure from political groups. For Firoz,it was a second blow. “Abba was the only support I had after Hina’s death,” he said. “I lost my faith but he who saw the shameful incident of his daughter’s rape with his own eyes was not deterred. He used to live in a separate house in the relief committee homes in Vatva. He got constant threats to retract from statements,take back the complaint of rape in Hina’s case and many from the jamaat (community) also bullied him… I advised him to go back to our native place.”

He is also angry about the fact that the rape charge was dismissed by doctors,who did Kausar’s postmortem. “There are witnesses to Hina’s rape. Her womb was cut. Her father saw her getting raped. When her body was taken from the spot to hospital,her womb was missing,” he claimed.

But the riots didn’t just take away his wife and unborn child,Firoz said,but also his whole life. The job at the factory gave him enough to support his family,but now he struggles to make ends meet. “I don’t like to work like this. Sometimes there is money,sometimes I borrow,” he said.

Firoz’s second wife Shahida Begum said he still bears the scars and doesn’t like to talk about the riots. “He told me only once after marriage that after this day,the riots shouldn’t ever be discussed,” she said. ” We want to leave it behind,” added Firoz.

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