Ethnic Indian lawmaker suspended in Malaysia

Ethnic Indian lawmaker suspended in Malaysia

An ethnic Indian lawmaker was suspended for a year as he called Malaysia's next PM a murderer.

An ethnic Indian opposition lawmaker was on Monday held guilty of contempt and suspended for a year after he called Malaysia’s next prime minister Najib Razak a murderer in connection with the 2006 killing of a Mongolian woman.

Gobind Singh Deo,member of the opposition party DAP,was suspended from Parliament without allowance and benefits for his remarks which were termed derogatory by a majority of MPs,Speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia said.

Singh,whose father Karpal Singh is also an opposition MP,created a stir in the House on Thursday when he launched a tirade against Deputy Prime Minister Razak,who is to become prime minister next month.

The lawmaker,who is a well known lawyer,wanted Najib to respond to the opposition accusations that he had a hand in the killing of Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu’s although the chair had ordered him to stop.


He was later ejected from the House for the third time last Thursday when he kept on speaking on the issue.

A government motion moved by a Cabinet minister for suspension of Singh was passed after the opposition alliance staged a walkout in protest.