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Emma Bell: Death is all in a day’s work

Emma Bell yearns to do comedies and dramas and period pieces,but right now the 24-year-old actress is in the midst of a horror phase that has included Ghost Whisperer.

Ian Spelling

Emma Bell yearns to do comedies and dramas and period pieces,but right now the 24-year-old actress is in the midst of a horror phase that has included Ghost Whisperer,Supernatural,Frozen,The Walking Dead,Hatchet II and the upcoming feature Final Destination 5. And she knows better than to complain.

“Horror has been very,very good to me and has paid my bills for a number of years,” Bell says. “Also,I’ve always been a fan of supernatural things,” she adds. “I love ghost stories and mystical worlds. So that’s lent itself to my doing a lot of these shows and movies,certainly.”

Final Destination 5 casts Bell as Molly,who experiences a frightening vision of disaster that leads her,along with her boyfriend,Sam (Nick D’Agosto),and a few others,to flee a bus that,moments later,falls off a collapsing bridge and plummets into a river,killing everyone else aboard. However,Death—as usual in the series,a character unto itself—does not like to be cheated and sets about killing the survivors one by one. Upping the stakes,the survivors discover that Death will spare them … if someone else takes each survivor’s place.

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“When the first Final Destination came out in 2000,it was this very fresh idea. There was more of a darkness to it,that element of the supernatural and that feeling of impending death that loomed over everybody. I think they’ve tried to get back to that in this installment,” says Bell.

She describes Molly as a typical small-town girl. She and Sam work at a local paper company. Molly doesn’t dream of going anywhere bigger,which has become a point of contention between her and Sam.

“So she’s a small-town girl and she’s happy with things,” the young actress says,“and,when all these disasters start happening,it’s more than she can really comprehend. But she’s tough and she gets through it.” Character development in a horror film? Bell admits that she was surprised to find that the quieter,interpersonal moments had made it into the final cut of Final Destination 5.


“I’m so thankful,” she says enthusiastically,“because they could have just gone with all the deaths and action. No one will be missing out on action sequences,there are some amazing sequences—but it was really refreshing to know that the studio was behind having that other element.”

“And it’s smart,too,because viewers can connect to the characters,” she adds,“and,when the characters start dying off,people will care more than if it’s just some random person who gets killed by whatever. It makes for a more compelling movie all around.”

Bell won’t reveal whether or not Molly survives her dances with Death in Final Destination 5.


“You know,it’s an interesting job that we have here as actors,” Bell concludes. “It’s very strange.”

First published on: 07-08-2011 at 12:07:50 am
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