Don’t rubbish Broad,Taufel: Mushtaq Mohammad

Don’t rubbish Broad,Taufel: Mushtaq Mohammad

Mushtaq Mohammad has that the PCB officials need to take stock of the Lahore episode calmly.

Pakistan’s cricket officials should analyse the security loopholes pointed out by match referee Chris Broad and umpire Simon Taufel during the Lahore terror attack instead of criticising the two officials,feels former captain Mushtaq Mohammad.

“I don’t think we need to get emotional. We must understand the emotional trauma these two people and the Sri Lankan players and officials have been through,” Mushtaq said on Monday.

He said instead of lashing out at Broad and Taufel for their statement that the security for them was not good enough,the Pakistan Cricket Board officials needed to take stock of the entire episode calmly.

Broad,who was caught in the line of fire when terrorists attacked the Sri Lankan team last Tuesday,said the security was not as good as was promised to the visiting players and officials.

“We were left like sitting ducks,” Broad had said.


Mushtaq said Broad and Taufel’s claims were not without basis.

“We must all learn from this including the Board,government and former players. Because we are capable of providing the best security to visiting teams and we have shown this to the world when many teams have played in Pakistan,” he said.