Clarke,wife Kyly for ‘6-star honeymoon’ in India?

Clarke,wife Kyly for ‘6-star honeymoon’ in India?

Michael Clarke and Kyly Boldy have recently tied the knot in a secret ceremony in the Blue Mountains

Michael Clarke and Kyly Boldy,who recently tied the knot in a secret ceremony in the Blue Mountains,are believed to be enroute to India where they will honeymoon before he returns to play in the Indian Premiership on Sunday.

The Australian cricket captain and his wife arrived in Sydney on Thursday and had spent the past three days in the six-star Wolgan Valley Resort and Spa after marrying his sweetheart on Tuesday.

Clarke couldn’t wipe the smile from his face – with it only matched by that of his new wife – as they made their way through Sydney airport.

The newlyweds’ first stop is India,where the couple will arrive ahead of Clarke’s weekend commitments with his Indian Premier League team,the Pune Warriors.

Secondly,high summer in England next month.


Sources have revealed that the newlyweds could look forward to a “six-star Bollywood honeymoon” in India before enjoying the best of the British season in London.

“Kyly has become a wonderful addition to the touring Cricket Australia family,” the Daily Telegraph quoted a Cricket Australia executive as saying.

“When we were in the West Indies,she took it upon herself to organise day trips and events for the players’ partners.

“She will always be welcome on tour and in truth for Michael,who plays something like 250 days of the year,there can be no extended honeymoon until he has retired from the game completely. Let the honey-moon begin,” the executive added.

Insiders said that along with Clarke’s teammates,who were not informed of the wedding – nor of their engagement – his Cricket Australia boss James Sutherland was also left off the guest list,the executive hearing the news through media reports on Wednesday.