Chinese women shun poor,look for rich men to date

Chinese women believe a stable income,savings and a house are must-haves for a man they might consider marrying.

Written by Agencies | Beijing | Published: January 6, 2012 4:44:36 pm

Chinese women are increasingly becoming selective in dating,with vast majority of them openly preferring rich and well settled males than their poor counterparts.

Nearly 80 per cent of female respondents told a survey that men earning less than 4,000 yuan ($635) a month should not start a relationship,state run China Daily reported today. More than a quarter of women polled expected to date men with a monthly income of 10,000 yuan or more.

The survey,polling more than 50,000 people nationwide aged from 20 to 60,was jointly conducted by the China Association of Social Workers and Baihe,a major dating and matchmaking website in China.

Female respondents regard having a stable income,savings and a house as the most important economic conditions for men they might consider marrying.

Less than six per cent of women said they did not care about the financial status of men.

More than half the women polled said they put off marriage for fear that it might fail,as the divorce rate has become high. About 42 per cent of women were unwilling to shoulder the responsibility that came with marriage.

Men cited not owning a house and the fear of losing freedom after marriage as top reasons to stay single.

According to a new law,which took effect in August,premarital property is viewed as the personal property of the registered owner,not the married couple’s joint estate. In the light of this new rule,about 40 per cent of female respondents said they would require their names to be added to the certificate of real estate property ownership if it were bought by the man before marriage.

About 40 per cent men surveyed said “No” to this request.

Still,both men and women surveyed agreed that loving each other was the most important factor in a marriage. While men attached more importance to appearance in choosing a spouse,women preferred men who were successful in their careers,according to the survey.

It also indicates that the age for first love is getting younger for Chinese. About one-third of the respondents born after 1990 said they fell in love for the first time during primary school or junior high school,which was about 24 per cent more than those born 40 years ago.

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