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China footprints,Pak terror camps matter of concern: MoD

China footprints,Pak terror camps matter of concern: MoD

China and Pak remain 'cause of concern' for India,observed Defence Ministry in its annual report.

China and Pakistan remained to be ‘cause of concern’ for India,observed the Ministry of Defence (MoD) in its annual report for 2011-12. The report has found that China has upgraded its military force projection against India through rapid modernisation while undiminished activities of terror organisations in Pakistan against India have been giving tough times to security establishments.

Chinese footprints in India’s neighbourhood are increasing progressively due to its proactive diplomacy through political,military and economic engagements. “Rapid infrastructure development in Tibet and Xinjiang has considerably upgraded China’s military force projection against India and improved their overall strategic and operational flexibility,” the ministry said in its report. “India remains conscious and watchful of the implications of China’s profile in the immediate and extended neighbourhood,” said the report.

On the Pakistan front,it said the “existence of terrorist camps across the India-Pakistan border and continued infiltration attempts continue to pose a threat”. However,the report claimed that India has also started building its capabilities to meet the security challenges.