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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Cameron commends Obama’s ‘moral authority’ and ‘wisdom’

Cameron compared Obama to former president Theodore Roosevelt.

Written by ANI | Washington | Published: March 16, 2012 3:02:31 pm

British Prime Minister David Cameron has praised US President Barack Obama for his moral authority and wisdom during a state dinner in Washington. 

Cameron compared Obama to former president Theodore Roosevelt,who is still considered as one of the most respected and reforming presidents of all time. Cameron’s praise is seen as his support to Obama’s re-election campaign in the US.

While praising Obama,Cameron specifically pointed out towards the phone call he received from Obama on the Libya issue.

“The President says what he will do and he sticks to it. I’ll never forget that phone call on Libya when he told me exactly what role America would play in Libya and he delivered his side of the bargain to the letter. Let us all agree that the world is better off without bin Laden,but the world is better off without Gaddafi too,” The Telegraph quoted Cameron,as saying during his toast to Obama.

“Yes,America must do the right thing but to provide moral leadership America must do it in the right way too. The first president I studied in school was Theodore Roosevelt,” he said.

“He talked of speaking softly and carrying a big stick. That is Barack’s approach,and in following it he has pressed the reset button on the moral authority of the entire free world,” he added.

The comments were made in toasts proposed during a dinner at the White House.

Cameron further lavished praise on Obama by saying,“Barack has not rushed into picking fights,but has stewarded America’s resources of hard and soft power. He has taken time to make decisions,drawing down troops from Iraq and surging in Afghanistan. He’s found a new voice for America with the Arab people.”

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