Bill Clinton’s new book may hit Obama’s popularity: report

Bill Clinton’s new book may hit Obama’s popularity: report

Former US President’s book ‘Back to Work’ will detail his vision for improving the economy.

The release of former US President Bill Clinton’s book,detailing his vision for improving the economy,may further hit President Barack Obama’s popularity ahead of the 2012 presidential race.

The release of his latest book,‘Back to Work’ comes in the wake of the US suffering economic downturn and the polls showing Obama’s support plummeting ahead of 2012 White House elections.

“It’s got to be driving the Obama administration crazy,” a source told the New York Post,adding that Clinton’s book describes the economic scenario,an issue which has severely hit Obama’s popularity in the polls.

Though Clinton said his book endorses Obama’s economic proposals,the former’s presence makes American public realize the extent of downslide suffered by their country since 1990’s.


“The man [Obama brushed off in 2008 is now the one he needs to win in 2012,” another political insider said.

Democrats increasingly back Clinton’s endorsements for the 2011 White House elections.

“His endorsement is sought after by every wing of the Democratic Party,because … in these very partisan times,he’s risen above partisan politics,and articulates solutions to problems when we are hearing very little of that from Washington,” a Democratic National Committee member,Robert Zimmerman said.

Clinton has been backing the upstate agenda of Andrew Cuomo,who worked for his administration in the 1990s,and also attended the September 27 event organized by Cuomo.

However,some political analysts think that Clinton supports only those politicians,who backed his wife,Hillary in 2008.