Bedi skips protest,Anna Hazare snubs IAC

Differences: Anna Hazare launches new blog,ignores IAC website

Written by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: August 26, 2012 10:45:34 pm

WHILE Kiran Bedi stayed away from the protests organised by Arvind Kejriwal and his team on Sunday,Anna Hazare posted a new blog handle,not on the India Against Corruption (IAC) website as has been his practice but on blogspot.

Making no mention of Team Kejriwal’s protests,Hazare’s blog dwelt on his oft-repeated ideas on democracy. In an interesting change of line,he termed the Jan Lokpal agitation as a fight against dynastic rule.

“When I was unwell after my August fast,Lalu Prasad Yadav made fun of my illness in Parliament and said we should have a health committee in Parliament to look after Anna’s health. Sonia Gandhi,who rarely smiles,was in splits,” wrote Hazare in an apparently unrelated aside.

Denying any differences within the IAC,Hazare’s aide,Suresh Pathare,said: “It is just easier to upload on blogspot when he is in Ralegan.”

This is Hazare’s third blog handle in over a year. The first was discontinued after he fell out with journalist Raju Parulekar who was operating it. His second was managed by IAC on its official website.

Meanwhile,Bedi admitted that she stayed away from today’s protests due to differences with her colleagues on targetting the BJP.

“I had informed the team about my personal

perspective,that we ought to focus on the ruling party as bracketing the Opposition right now,when they are already attacking the ruling party,will benefit only the party in power. They had obviously firmed up their mind,” she said.

“I have nothing whatsoever to do with any political formation. Nor am I being soft. I am just being realistic. I am equally aware that allegations are against many persons in Opposition parties too. But it was about the focus as of now,” said Bedi. While clarifying that she was not opposed to Kejriwal’s party,she said there is a need to be patient.

Differences between her and the rest of the team came to the fore two days ago,when Bedi tweeted in defence of the BJP. “The Centre is in the control of Congress,not Opposition. Coalgate is by PM directly. Let’s focus here,expand later,” Bedi tweeted on Sunday.

“She believes the BJP is different from Congress and can give a cleaner system,but she will realise with time that this is not right and BJP is also the same. Wasn’t there party president caught taking bribes?” said IAC member Kumar Vishwas.

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