Asif Kapadia keen to promote ‘Senna’ in India

The award winning director reckons India hasn’t developed a taste for Formula 1 just yet.

New Delhi | Published: March 22, 2012 1:46:26 pm

By Ubaid Parkar,

Award winning director Asif Kapadia reckons India hasn’t developed a taste for Formula 1 just yet despite drivers from the country emerging in the sport,an Indian team and even its own Grand Prix.

Kapadia directed ‘Senna’,a BAFTA-winning documentary on the life of three-time F1 world champion Ayrton Senna,and although it has received plenty of accolades around the globe,the country of his origin however has been left wanting.

“Because for the film Senna,for whatever reason,I don’t think there is a market here,” Kapadia explained to “In a few countries,the audience made the distributor put the film in cinemas because they wanted to see it on the big screen. So that’s what it is.

“Over here,the film is going to keep living because Formula 1 is new to the country,” he continued. “We had a screening before the first Grand Prix last year and hopefully there’ll be another once before this one and hopefully it’ll just keep happening.”

Kapadia was in India recently to promote his film and is vying on the word of mouth to spread its popularity.

“The more word of mouth we have,the more people can hear about the film,the more they want to see it and the more people realize maybe there is some money to be made from releasing a documentary,” he pointed out.

The 39-year-old sports fan believes that ‘Senna’ would bring the audience that doesn’t watch F1 to understand why fans love and follow the sport and believes a documentary – rather than a fictional film – was the best way to capture it.

“In sporting terms,the best films about sport are the ones where you see the real thing,” Kapadia reasoned.

“Football,cricket,all of that,they are all hard to do. Lagaan did it. There are a few sports you can do,” he added justifying why he did a documentary. “But when you are dealing with real people and real people doing real things,I find it quite hard to believe when it’s an actor.”

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