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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

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A look at some of the applications that are stirring things up on Facebook

Written by Anushree Majumdar | Published: March 8, 2009 2:54:09 pm

A look at some of the applications that are stirring things up on Facebook
Ever since Facebook changed its look,one of the major downers was the fact that you could no longer check out applications that you had added on your profile,unless you really enjoy clicking the plus button at the end of the applications bar which appears on the top of your profile. So here are some applications that have recently made themselves important in the middle of all that Facebook Wall action.

Text Twirl: This timed game tests your nerve or at least tries to. Alphabets come in a grid and you have to keep inverting them to find word/words to fit it. Unless you find a word that fits the whole grid,you are out of the game.
Gifts: This application is exactly what it is named for. You can send gifts to your Facebook friends—some of them are free but if you’re looking for a special Gift,under the categories of nice,naughty and mean,in all likelihood you have to shell out a little money for it. Why this application is a bummer for us Indian people is that the prices are all in dollars and irrespective of the fact that the world is recession-hit,these gifts are discount-proof.

Geo Challenge: This Playfish game tests you on your geographical skills. So if you’re into travelling or have been bitten by wanderlust only to discover that you don’t have the money to pursue the passion,this game is up your street. It’s divided into two sections: The European Tour and the USA Tour. For each tour you take,there are questions based on several cities and tourist locations and you can win a gaudy-looking trophy for it. But if you seriously want to win,you have to shell out some money to sign up for the real game. That too is in dollars and even if it’s only $7,you’re probably going to be able to crack the challenge faster than you’d take to type out your credit card numbers.

Hugs: This application is actually better than Gifts. Because it’s free. Makes all the difference,doesn’t it?
Graffiti: The artist’s block. If you want to twirl a brush,this one is for you. You can draw and you can see how you went about drawing your work of art,in Fast or Slow motion. You can draw on other people’s walls.

Notes: This is one application that has made the mother of all comebacks. Long ago,people used this application to write sad,depressed notes,venting existential angst. But the return of Notes is nothing short of a social phenomenon. About some time in January 2009,the 25 List hit all Facebook users: A list of 25 random things about your life were to be written on Notes and 25 people on the friend’s list were to be tagged. What followed was a movement,people wrote new lists,devised quirky ways to revising old lists and the virus spread to all Facebook-using countries. That’s everybody,isn’t it?

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