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‘Amit Singh appears to be the bad fish that spoils the entire pond’

Amit Singh was arrested by the Delhi Police from Hotel Intercontinental in Mumbai on May 15.

Amit Singh was arrested by the Delhi Police from Hotel Intercontinental in Mumbai on the intervening night of May 15 and 16,2013 along with friend Mannan Bhatt. Singh had been asked to stay back in Mumbai by Bhatt and was later introduced to accused bookie Chandresh Patel at the same hotel. Patel asked the other two to leave his room at around noon as he welcomed a visitor,who was overheard by Singh as claiming to introduce a few more players to the accused bookie. Bhatt informed Singh that Patel was also scheduled to meet with Royal Challengers Bangalore players Vinay Kumar and Ravi Rampaul. Also Read: BCCI probe finds four Rajasthan Royals players guilty of spot-fixing

Singh and Siddarth Trivedi had originally met a local Gujarat player called Dileep in 2011 through a person named Tommy in Ahmedabad where they were asked to concede a specified number of runs in certain overs. They were paid Rs 1 lakh for the meeting. Dileep later called both players asking them to indulge in fixing during IPL-IV but both refused to do so. Singh and Trivedi then returned the money a month after the IPL. Also Read: Trivedi had been approached… but he failed to report

Then in January 2012,Singh and Trivedi met Ajit Chandila,Manish Guddewal and another man,probably Sunil Bhatia,during a domestic tournament at the JW Marriot Hotel in Mumbai. There the duo were asked to indulge in shopping at the cost of Guddewal but no fixing was discussed. Singh missed his flight the next morning as he awaited a gift from Guddewal,who he later confronted. Singh was informed by Chandila while both were in custody in Delhi that he had accepted Rs 12 lakhs each on the behalf of Singh and Trivedi from Bhatia. Also Read: I am fully convinced that Sreesanth was part of the fix

In January 2012,Singh was approached by a man called Vishal,who tried convincing him into fixing matches in the IPL. Singh met Vishal near his office but refused to do his bidding and also did not divulge information or references regarding other players.


Singh was approached in January 2013 by Mannan Bhatia,a bookie and associate of Chandresh Patel. Singh loaned Bhatia Rs 50,000 in order to get bail for his father. The two then became regular friends but Singh refused Bhatia’s offer to fix IPL matches despite repeated pleas. He did hand him Chandila’s phone number. He realized then that Chandila and Bhatia were already in touch and that the former had already introduced Rajasthan Royals players Ankeet Chavan and Harmeet Singh.

Singh then received a call after one of the afternoon matches in IPL-VI from Bhatia claiming that his party had suffered heavy losses after Chandila had deceived them. Chandila then began ignoring calls from Bhatia and Patel,and Singh was often brought in to convince him to take their calls.

According to Singh,Chandila never fixed anything during a match and was instead fooling the bookies by simply accepting money from them. And that he received a call from Chandila accusing Patel and Bhatia of harassing him with repeated calls to which Singh asked his former teammate to return the money to the bookies.

Amit Singh appears to be the bad fish that spoils the entire pond as he provided introductions with players and paved way for fixers to corrupt them. He admitted on numerous occasions to have been party to the discussions and approaches made by Bhatia and Patel and there is evidence to prove that he was used by them to access various players directly or indirectly. He deserves no sympathy and I hold him guilty of all offences listed against him.