AIDS sex-convict to go free?

AIDS sex-convict to go free?

Confinement sought for US man who spread HIV.

The paradox of living in a civilisation,especially an ultra-modern one,has struck the US many times,but this case is different.

A man who was convicted of knowingly infecting at least 13 women with the AIDS virus has completed his prison sentence,but he may face civil confinement as a sex offender.

Attorney General Andrew Cuomo wants Nushawn Williams held under a law that allows for keeping the most dangerous sex offenders out of communities after they have served their sentences. Williams completed a 12-year sentence yesterday.

Williams infected the women in western New York in the late 1990s. He had said at the time that he didn’t believe health officials who told him he was HIV positive.


The process of determining whether Williams’ mental state justifies confinement or intensive supervision could take months.

Williams will be held until then. He now goes by the name Shyteek Johnson.