After the double,Mayookha gives up triple

After the double,Mayookha gives up triple

Favourites prevailed on the final day of the 17th Federation Cup National Senior Athletics Championships with Olympians Mayookha Johnny

Favourites prevailed on the final day of the 17th Federation Cup National Senior Athletics Championships with Olympians Mayookha Johnny and Krishna Poonia winning the women’s triple jump and discus throw respectively.

Mayookha will now turn her attention to long jump,where she won gold earlier on Wednesday,for the rest of the season instead of dividing her energy between both disciplines. She started her triple jump season by leaping to 13.46 metres on Friday,which was well below her personal best of 14.11m and the meet record of 13.57m. Mayookha had won the long jump gold by registering a distance of 6.16m (the ‘B’ qualifying standard for the women’s long jump at the worlds is 6.65 m while the ‘A’ standard has been set at 6.75m) but her true form can be gauged only as the season progresses,as she strives to qualify for the World Championships in Moscow.

“The plan now is to focus largely on the long jump. Till now I was participating in both events but my coach and I have decided that we will try and concentrate on the long jump when it comes to the bigger international meets,” Mayookha said.

Former national champion Shyam Kumar,who coaches Mayookha,believes that there is a lot of work ahead if the 25-year-old athlete is to make the cut for Moscow. Kumar added that his ward was currently employing a technique more suited for the triple jump,especially the angle of take-off,even when she does the long jump.


“It will take time for her to move completely from the triple jump technique to long jump. In meetings with the AFI,there has been talk of Mayookha focussing on one event instead of two. This season our aim is to qualify for the World Championships in the long jump in which she has a better chance,” Kumar said.

For the London Games,Mayookha qualified for the triple jump but did not meet the qualification standards in the long jump. “We have been of the opinion that Mayookha must focus on one event,either the long jump or the triple jump,” an AFI official said.

It is also learnt that the AFI is keen that Mayookha trains under a foreign coach,but the athlete herself has insisted that she is comfortable training with Kumar. “Before the Olympics we had made a plan for Mayookha to train in Sweden but her coach wanted her to train in Germany (under Jorge Ramlow). So we allowed her to go to Germany. But she has not progressed as fast as we expected and she has not been able to fulfill her potential yet under her current coach,” the AFI official added.

Results: (All finals)

Men: Shot put: 1. Om Prakash Karhana (ONGC) 18.91,2. Jasdeep Singh (ONGC) 17.58,3. Ashwani Solanki (Delhi) 17.37; 4x400m relay: 1. Tamil Nadu 3:12.53,2. Air Force 3:13.32,3. ONGC 3:14.07; 1,500m: Ranjan Kariyappa (Kar) 3:48.26,2. Sandeep (Haryana) 3:48.51,3. Pranjal Gogoi (Assam) 3:48.72; 10,000m: 1. Suresh Kumar (ONGC) 29:40.61,2. Arjun Pradhan (Uttarakhand) 30.06.70,3. Md Yunus (Mah) 30:12.92; 110m hurdles: 1. Siddhanth Thingalaya (ONGC) 13.84,2. A Suresh (Tata Motors) 13.92,3. Pinto Mathew (Kerala) 14.55; 200m: 1. M Manikandan (AP) 21.41,2. Rahul G Pillai (Kerala) 21.61,3. Ritesh Anand (Jharkhand) 21.63

Women: Discus throw: 1. Krishna Poonia (Raj) 57.25m,2. Navjeet Kaur (ONGC) 48.53,3. Manish (Har) 43.62; 200m: 1. Asha Roy (WB) 23.70,2. Sarabani Nanda (Orissa) 23.96,3. Dutechand (ONGC) 23.96; 4×400 relay: 1. ONGC 3:44.43,2. Kerala 3:44.71,3. Punjab 4:07.51; Hammer throw: 1. Gunjan Singh (UP) 57.80M,2. Manju Bala (Raj) 57.24,3. Sarita P (MP) 52.25; 800M: 1. Sinimol Paulose (ONGC) 2:08.04,2. Sushma Devi (Haryana) 2:08.23,3. Gomathi (TN) 2:10.20; 100m hurdles: 1. Hemashree (TN) 14.37,2. Sajitha KV (Ker) 14.40,3. Sumandeep Kaul (Pun) 14.49; 5000m: 1. OP Jaisha (Pun) 16:39.43,2. Lalita Babar (Mah) 17:22.78,3. Swati Gadhave (Mah) 17:34.99; Triple jump: 1. Mayookha Johnny (ONGC) 13.46m,2. Mereena Joseph (Ker) 13.12,3. Amitha Baby (Ker) 12.96m.