A website to dump ex’s jewellery for cash and relief

Can’t bear to look at that diamond bracelet your ex-boyfriend gave you,who doesn’t want it back now? Here’s a way to get rid of it and the accompanying bad memories.

Written by ANI | Melbourne | Published: February 18, 2009 1:19:23 pm

Can’t bear to look at that diamond bracelet your ex-boyfriend gifted you,who doesn’t want it back now? Well,then here’s a way to get rid of the piece and the bad memories that go with it- Exboyfriendjewelry.com.

With the promotional slogan “you don’t want it,he can’t have it back”,ex-boyfriendjewelry.com was set up a year ago by Megahn Perry and her step-mother Marie,as an online shopping website and venting portal.

And thanks to the website,ex-wives and girlfriends are now selling off their pre-break-up gifts,along with the story behind the merchandise.

Megahn,a Los Angeles actress and writer,was struck with the idea of the site when she tried to find a safe,reliable place to sell her “emotionally-loaded” jewellery after a divorce.

But when she was turned off by pawn shops,she realised there was a market for shifting jewellery languishing in drawers and the memories that made it too painful to wear.

However,she didn’t want to sell her stuff on eBay as it “felt too anonymous.”

“We offer a community atmosphere. It’s a place that is safe to open up about the relationship and get it off your chest,” News.com.au quoted Marie Perry as saying.

She added: “These items are usually fairly emotionally charged. People like to know they’re going to a good home and to someone who understands what they’ve been through. eBay is great,but for our user’s purposes it’s cold and,well …boring.”

The site attracts more than 50,000 page views a day,and has more than 21,000 registered users.

Currently,almost 1500 pieces are for sale,including listings for “gifts that should have been jewellery,” like branded bags and other accessories.

Although the Perrys said that they had no intention to make it a “male-bashing site,” a poll of 24,000 users revealed that 56 percent of them describe their boyfriend as either “a complete waste of oxygen” or “beneath my standards.”

One of the website’s users said that the site seemed like women were finally “achieving justice”.

However,Perry revealed that the most common form of jewellery sold on the site was anything heart-shaped.

“The ”necklace” section is overloaded with them. We recently started a T-shirt line for the site and one of our favourite shirts reads ”1 in every 10 relationships ends in heart shaped jewellery,”” she said.

And now the pair has even set up a sister site to ex-boyfriend jewellery,stuffthatsleftbehind.com,where users can tell their stories about the things that were left behind in their relationships.

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