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A case for camel milk

Gujarat researchers have found camel milk to be beneficial against diabetes and other diseases.

Researchers from the Veterinary College at Anand Agricultural University (AAU),Gujarat,have found camel milk to be beneficial against a number of diseases,chief among them diabetes.

“We recently conducted in vitro tests,initiating diabetes in Wistar rats by injecting them with Streptozotocin. Then we fed them camel milk and found blood glucose levels dropped by 30 per cent,” said Professor K N Wadhwani,head of the college’s livestock production department.

The researchers,who have been working with conservationists to save the camels of Kutch district,also said that camel milk can be stored for 10 hours at room temperature and for 25 days at 4 degrees C.

The Kutchi camel population has dropped due to declining fodder,low genetic diversity and also because the younger generation of pastoralists see little point in rearing the animals. Their use as beasts of burden has diminished,and profits from camel products are miniscule when compared to other milch animals that feed the state’s famed dairy sector.

One of the major barriers to camel milk being a profitable proposition is the nomadic lifestyle of camels and their breeders,making it difficult to sustain a steady milk supply,said Professor J V Solanki,the college’s Principal and Dean.