4 of 6 killed in Ghaziabad riot were shot from close range: post mortem reports

Four bodies were recovered from the vicinity of the Masuri police station.

Written by Apurva | Ghaziabad | Published: September 20, 2012 9:38:03 pm

The post mortem reports of six persons,including three teenagers,killed during the rioting in Masuri,Ghaziabad,last Friday reveal that four were shot dead from distances ranging between four feet and 10 feet.

Sources in the Ghaziabad district administration said that three persons had head injuries from firearms while the fourth took a bullet in the thigh and died of excessive bleeding. Two others,the sources said,had been attacked with blunt objects — one on the head and the other in the abdomen area.

A senior police officer said three bullets were recovered from those who died of head injuries. “The three bullets have been sent to the Forensic Science Laboratory for a ballistic report. We have not yet determined whether these people died due to police or private firing,” the officer said,adding that the fourth bullet had not been recovered.

Officers said four bodies were recovered from the vicinity of the Masuri police station while two others were found several hundred yards away.

This is what the post mortem reports of the six conclude:

Mohammad Arif (18): Died of excessive bleeding after an entry and exit wound caused by a bullet in the thigh. Clothes had blackening,signifying a bullet fired from close by. Range possibly 6 to 7 feet.

Hayat (35): Died due to bullet injury to the skull. Range possibly 8 to 10 feet.

Wahid (20): Gunshot injury to the skull. Blackening present. Range possibly 4 feet.

LUkman (14): Bullet injury to the right skull. Blackening present,indicating a range possibly of about 4 feet.

Amir Khan (16): Abdominal wound caused by a blunt instrument,possibly a stick,or by falling down.

Wasim (22): Injuries caused by a blunt object to the left side of the skull. Skull fractured.

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