Bihar MLC brings House down with ‘sterilise-all-mosquitoes’ call

Bihar MLC brings House down with ‘sterilise-all-mosquitoes’ call

Nitish Kumar-led govt was left tongue-tied and speechless over the demand made by Cong MLC Jyoti.

The Bihar Legislative Council today discussed the growing mosquito menace with a member seeking sterilisation of mosquitoes,that virtually paralysed the Nitish Kumar government.

During zero hour,Congress MLC Jyoti raised the issue of mosquitoes menace in the state and asked the government to order regular fogging.

She asked the Chair to direct the government to protect people from diseases occuring from mosquito bite. With many other members narrating their woes due to mosquitoes,BJP member Baidyanath Prasad suggested sterilisation of mosquitoes throwing the members of house into peals of laughter.

RJD MLC Nawal Kishore Yadav quipped,criminals and mosquitoes enjoy total freedom in the state under the NDA government.

Health minister Ashwani Choubey along with Parliamentary Affairs minister Bijendra Prasad Yadan and Agriculture minister Narendra Singh were present in the House but the government had no answer.