Amit Shah sells Gujarat model in UP,seeks ‘blessings’ for Modi

Amit Shah sells Gujarat model in UP,seeks ‘blessings’ for Modi

Amit Shah spoke of the 10 years of riot-free administration under Narendra Modi.

Narendra Modi’s confidant Amit Shah on Wednesday hard-sold the Gujarat model of development to voters of Uttar Pradesh,and exhorted them to lead the way for change at the Centre.

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At a public meeting organised at the birthplace of Deendayal Upadhyay,the BJP general secretary in charge of UP contrasted the alleged underachievements of the Akhilesh Yadav government with what he said was progress made by Gujarat under Modi.

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“Do you get 24X7 electricity? No,but in Gujarat people get power 24 hours a day. Does UP have medical trauma centres every 40 km? No,but in Gujarat,every tehsil does. Do the ill,the elderly,or pregnant women have access to quick ambulance services? No,but in Gujarat an ambulance arrives within 60 minute of calling. Most people in UP are engaged in agriculture,but have you heard of agriculture growing at 19 per cent? It has happened in Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh,” Shah said.

He added that the state governments under Modi,Shivraj Singh Chouhan and Raman Singh had been working for the welfare of the poorer sections,but did not elaborate on the achievements of Chouhan or Singh.


Shah spoke of the 10 years of riot-free administration under Modi,and contrasted it with last month’s communal violence in Muzaffarnagar.

“UP is aflame with rioting. The blame is being falsely laid on the BJP’s door. Gujarat has not seen riots in the last 10 years. But they are happening here because of maladministration and the government’s policy of appeasement. You (state government) must stop passing on the blame to others,” Shah said.

Former UP chief minister Kalyan Singh,who also spoke at the meeting held as part of the three-day celebration of the birth anniversary (September 25) of Deendayal Upadhyay,described the Muzaffarnagar riots as a “reaction to an action”,which he said was followed by a partisan response by police who were under pressure from state minister Azam Khan.

“The trigger for the riots was the eve-teasing of a Hindu girl by Muslims,and it escalated into an initial clash and deaths. After that Azam Khan pressured the police not to act against Muslims,and that fuelled riots,” Kalyan Singh alleged. “Reactions are bound to follow any action. Zinda samaj mein pratikriya hoti hai. Jis samaj mein pratikriya nahin ho,samjho who murda samaj hoga (A society that is alive is bound to see reactions. A society that ceases to react is as good as dead).

“Even today,” Kalyan said,“Hindu and BJP leaders have been arrested. Normalcy cannot be restored by a partisan administration. In the last 10 years in Gujarat,not even a bird has been harmed. When I was CM (in UP),no riots happened… Don’t you want this?” he asked his audience.

Both Shah and Kalyan urged voters to “bless” Modi. You (electorate of UP) have greater responsibility because the road to Delhi passes through Lucknow. If the people of UP bless Modi,the entire country will be grateful to you (UP),” Shah said.

Kalyan mentioned Modi’s humble background. “Modi does not hail from any prominent family,he hails from a poor family. He has become Modi by his own deeds. Remember,this is our home. This is not the feudal estate of the Congress or Sonia Gandhi’s fief,” he said.