Sarabjit’s heart,kidneys,stomach missing,finds autopsy panel in India

Sarabjit’s heart,kidneys,stomach missing,finds autopsy panel in India

It is possible that Pakistan has kept the organs for further tests later.

The heart,kidneys and stomach are missing from Sarabjit Singh’s body,doctors who conducted the autopsy at Patti hospital said late on Thursday night.

The absence of the vital organs made the post-mortem examination to determine the cause of Sarabjit’s death inconclusive,the doctors said.

“We were not anticipating that Pakistan would send the body without these vital organs,” head of the forensic department,Dr Gurmanjit Singh,who was part of the panel of doctors who conducted the autopsy,told The Indian Express. Click here to read: Sarabjit cremated with state honours

Dr Singh,however,added that as a standard medical procedure,Pakistan could keep the vital organs for further testing.


“We would have to rely on their reports on these organs,” he said.

Asked how reliable the Pakistani reports could be given the trust deficit between the countries,Dr Singh said India could take up the matter with Pakistan and seek to get the organs back. “There is still time to conduct tests on these organs,” he said. Click here to read: Two nations and many flip-flops

A second doctor in the panel said that without India’s own tests on the organs,the autopsy report would only be of a supplementary nature to the Pakistani report.

A panel of five doctors comprising the heads of the departments of forensics,anaesthesiology,orthopaedics,surgery and pathology from Amritsar Medical College conducted the autopsy on Sarabjit’s body. Click here to read: Sister who fought alone and drew in others

Punjab cabinet minister Bikram Singh Majithia told The Indian Express: “I too have been told that heart,kidneys and stomach of Sarabjit are missing. There are also grievous injuries on several parts of his body including the spinal cord.”

“I do not know whether Pakistan informed the Ministry of External Affairs or the Indian High Commission in Pakistan that Sarabjit’s body was being sent without vital organs,but I was with Minister of State for External Affairs Perneet Kaur,and I don’t think she was informed about it,” Majithia said.