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Police red-faced as FIR said accused ‘didn’t have papers to carry bombs’

Among other errors,seizures of two live bombs too was omitted from the FIR.

Patna railway police seems to have committed gross errors in the FIR filed after the first of the serial blasts in Patna. Government Railway Police (Patna) station house officer stated in the FIR that the accused “could not produce valid documents for keeping bombs when asked for it”.

The FIR was filed at GRP,Patna on October 27 by SHO Ram Pukar Singh. While the SHO asking for “valid documents” for bombs has embarrassed the police,Opposition took it a step further asking if the state had “started issuing licence for carrying bombs”.

Senior police officers conceded the “ludicrous mention” in the first FIR after the bomb blast at platform 10 of Patna railway station,but the SHO stood by his statement saying it was necessary to ask “for valid documents” for bombs before making the two suspects accused in the case.

SHO Singh said bombs were “after all explosives” for which licences were issued. Two suspects had been caught by then. The two-page statement of GRP SHO Ram Pukar Singh recorded at 11.25 am on October 27 mentions the entire sequence of how blast accused Imtiaz and Ainul (now dead) were arrested and how they carried black bags,one found tattered from Ainul,who was injured in the bomb blast in a toilet. While mentioning questioning by accused Imtiaz,the SHO’s statement says: “Inse rakhe bomb ka vaidhya kagjaat mangane kar koi vaidhya kagjaat prastut nahi kiya gaya (while asking for valid documents of bombs they kept or planted,they could not produce it)”.


The FIR,however,showed serious lapses,with the SHO not mentioning seizure of two live bombs by then,with timers,detonators and explosives. It has been mentioned separately as seizures.

Senior criminal lawyer Tuhin Shankar said: “There must be a mention of seizures in the FIR,the first main important document during trial. After all,it was on the basis of the seizures the two persons were arrested”.

Ram Pukar said,“Aren’t bomb blasts carried out legally to blow up hills?” He said his “language for the FIR” had been “too much read between the lines”. He,however,said he should have mentioned seizures in the FIR.