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Manmohan Singh says he is not a weak PM,rules out third term

This is the second full-fledged press conference by Singh during the UPA-II.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Friday addressed a press conference wherein he launched a scathing attack on BJP’s PM candidate Narendra Modi,calling him a disaster. The Prime Minister also dismissed criticism of being weak,and being reluctant to speak. He said he spoke whenever it was required.

Here are the highlights:

12.35 pm: https://twitter.com/nsitharaman/statuses/418994865650008064

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12.12 pm: There were domestic factors as well,but mostly there were international factors which brought the slowdown in economy,said Manmohan Singh.

12.05 pm: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh says he is yet to decided on what to do after his tenure as Prime Minister gets over.

11.58 am: “Our government has done quite a lot for the victims of 1984 anti-Sikh riots…I also apologised for the same on the floor of the House,” said Manmohan Singh,adding that it should have never happened.

11.50 am: “Would very much like to Pakistan. As PM I should only if conditions are appropriate to achieve results…Haven’t give up hope of going to Pakistan,” said Singh.

11.46 am: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh says he has done the best he could during the tenure of UPA and UPA-II under the situations that persisted.

11.42 am: “It will be disastrous for the country to have Narendra Modi as Prime Minister,” said Manmohan.


11.38 am: “I believe history will be kinder to me than the contemporary media and opposition in Parliament,” says Manmohan. The Prime Minister asserts that he has done his best in the coalition environment on all the issues.

11.35 am: “I am the same person as I was 9 years ago…have tried to serve this country to the best of my capability,” said Singh,adding that he has never used his office to benefit his friends and relatives.

11.32 am: When asked about why he is usually silent,the Prime Minister says,”I have spoken whenever its needed…be it party forum or elsewhere. And I will continue to speak as and when needed.”


11.30 am: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh concedes that schemes meant for minorities do not reach the beneficiaries concerned,even as the government ensures to put in place several such measures.

11.25 am: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh says he will not seek a third term in the PM office,adding that he has never thought of resigning at any point in time in office.

11.22 am: “When history is written of this period,we will come out unscathed,” said Singh on the issue of corruption,adding that though there have been issues,but the government has acted against graft.

11.20 am: When asked about the PM candidate of Congress,Singh skirted the question saying that party president Sonia Gandhi had already said that an announcement would be made at an appropriate time.

11.19 am: The Prime Minister also expressed hope that the new generation of leaders would drive India out of its troubles.


11.17 am: Manmohan Singh says that he will hand over the baton to a new Prime Minister after General Elections.

11.15 am: The Prime Minister says that the UPA-II has worked to curb corruption,making the government more accountable.


11.13 am: Brushing aside the criticism on the economic front,the Prime Minister said that the government made growth process more inclusive,adding that the slowdown was triggered by the global situation.

11.11 am: Singh says that his government has worked great deal towards betterment of education and educational institutions across the country,pointing that several colleges and training centres came up during the tenure of UPA-II.


11.09 am: The Prime Minister says that the government would focus on reflect on the assembly polls results and learn “appropriate lessons”.

11.07 am: Referring to the issue of economic crisis,Prime Minister Manmohan Singh says that economy has its up and down,but the country is headed for better times.

11.05 am: “Our party did not do good in polls. But people reposed faith in our democracy by voting in large numbers,” said Manmohan Singh.

11.03 am: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh addresses press conference.

First published on: 03-01-2014 at 09:30 IST
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