In war of words,Rahul Gandhi beats Narendra Modi?

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi sought to wrest the initiative from saffron strongman.

Written by PTI | New Delhi | Published: April 4, 2013 4:49:11 pm

Prodded by Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi grabbing both the political and economic space in the tussle for power,Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi sought to wrest the initiative from the saffron strongman. Did he manage to do that? Check for yourself. Here is a blow by blow account .

Rahul Gandhi:

Energetic India

An honor for me to be here today. India was an energy a force which came from rivers Yamuna,Ganga and Saraswati. Now,we have built structures to explore this energy. We tend to think of India as a nation,but if we go back 100 years,India was actually a energy – a force”

Can’t do this alone

The government cannot build infrastructure alone. We need your (the industry’s) help. It has to be done jointly. It is our duty to provide India with a physical infrastructure to enable this unprecedented movement of people and ideas. We have to channelize the energy of India’s youngsters. We need better physical structure for India’s growth. Corporates must help government build infrastructure. Government private partnership is key to growth.

And here comes China

Why does everyone worry about China and not India? India is actually much more powerful that it thinks,but it is not applied systematically. India is a decentralised system. It’s power is soft,but it is there. Boss,our environment is not simple,we cannot give you simple answers.

Introducing India to the world

When I went to university in 1991,nobody knew India. That is not the case now thanks to you (India Inc) people. I thank industry for making India talking point abroad. As the energy moved from India and goes abroad,you are the cutting edge,you are the people who tell the world what this is about.

India’s Growth Potential

India is bursting with dreams and ideas. The spirit of India has to move forward. We have to channelize the energy of India’s youngsters. We need better physical structure for India’s growth. Corporates must help government build infrastructure.

Include Dalits and Women

“The biggest danger is excluding people,excluding the poor,the middle class,the tribals,the Dalits. Whenever we excluded women,the minorities,Dalits,we have always fallen back. India is the largest pool of human capital people have ever known,and probably will ever know. It was this movement of people-this tremendous movement of people and ideas that is going to define this country in the 21st century. Democracy and technology have triggered a non-reversible chain reaction in India. This reaction is unstoppable,nobody can stop it.

Narendra Modi:

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi delivered the first ‘Shri Ram Memorial Oration’ at Shri Ram College of Commerce in New Delhi. Modi outlined India’s roadmap for the future,centered on development and youth of the country.


Vote bank politics has spoiled the country and emphasised the need for good governance to make India globally competitive. All three major sectors of the economy viz.,agriculture,industry and services should be given equal importance for development. This helps in overall development.

Not land of snake-charmers. India now nation of ‘mouse’-charmers.

The youth of the nation has its finger on the mouse of computers and is changing the world. India’s journey has gone from snake charmers to mouse charmers!

My formula is P2G2

Our country is not poor. We have vast resources,see eastern India is full of them. But we are unable to use that. We are unable to utilise the opportunity. We need P2G2. Pro-People Good governance. Modi said that the people of the country have sunk into an overwhelming state of pessimism. Even after six decades of freedom,the nation awaits good governance.

We swear by one motto – Gujarat’s development for India’s development

I believe that the glass is full. One half with water and the other half with air. There is despondency all over country but I am confident we can change the situation.

Here is a a glass of water. An optimist would say the glass is half full,while a pessimist would say it is half empty.

I have a third point of view. For me the glass is always full — half with water and half with air. We can turn over any situation.

Rule Gujarat

There must be no one in the audience who has chai without doodh from Gujarat in it. All the milk in Delhi is from Gujarat. Milk in Singapore is from Gujarat. Milk in Singapore and the bhindi in Europe come from Gujarat. If you go to Afghanistan,the people there have tomatoes that come from Gujarat. Some years ago I launched a product which is now an integral part of Delhi. I launched a coach of the Delhi Metro! In Delhi all the metro coaches are coming from Gujarat.

For speedy progress,focus should be on the manufacturing sector by making zero-defect products with good packaging. It is time for us to decide whether we want the world to be our market,or be the market of the world.

Role of Government

Minimum government,maximum governance – this is my philosophy

Export teachers

A businessman who goes abroad only captures dollars but a teacher influences a whole generation.

We have created a university for teachers. I say we have so much youth and export so much,why not export teachers?


Why shouldn’t we make the ‘Made in India’ tag a statement of quality for our manufactured products? There is a need to build the ‘Made in India’ brand. He drew a parallel between the credibility of a ‘Made in Japan’ tag and expressed the wish to have India reach such a level some day. The time is ripe for us to pledge our future to India’s growth.

21st century

Some say it is Asia’s century,while some also say it is China’s century. I am confident that 21st century can be India’s century as knowledge is supreme.

Youth power

I want my country to not only see the youth as a new-age voter but as a new-age power. When the world sees this,they infuse confidence that we can do. Youth is ‘new-age power’,not just ‘new-age voter’ alone. Youth have changed the way India is perceived today.

The ambassador of a nation asked me what major challenges India faces and I said the biggest one is that how we use opportunity. When asked what the opportunity was,I said the youth. Europe buddha ho chuka hai,China budha ho chuka hai. India has a huge growth opportunity,which is its youth power.

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