Hurriyat throws AFSPA challenge

Hurriyat throws AFSPA challenge

The Hurriyat has termed the purported Army warning as an “unintentional” truth

As the debate over Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) heats up,the hardline faction of Hurriyat on Saturday said in a statement that a “rebellion that nobody would have witnessed or heard about” would erupt in Kashmir if the Act is withdrawn.

The statement followed media reports on Friday that the Army has warned that the central government would be compelled to give freedom to Kashmir by 2016 if the Armed Forces Special Powers Act is revoked from the valley. The Hurriyat has termed the purported Army warning as an “unintentional” truth.

“If the Disturbed Area Act,Public Safety Act or the draconian laws like AFSPA are revoked,India can’t find a single person in Kashmir that would accept its sovereignty,” Hurriyat spokesman Ayaz Akbar said. “Instead,a people’s revolt against the Indian military occupation would erupt that nobody would have ever witnessed or heard about.”

The Hurriyat spokesman said that it has been proved that India is holding on to Kashmir through military might. “It is clear that after the revocation of these draconian laws,India can’t occupy Kashmir even for a single day,” Akbar said. “In the changing global scenario,no country can be occupied through military power.”


Hurriyat said that Acts like AFSPA are just an offshoot of “India’s occupation of Kashmir” and that their basic demand is the end of “occupation”.

Taking a dig at Chief Minister Omar Abdullah,who is engaged in a war of words with Army over withdrawal of AFSPA from certain areas of the state,the hardline Hurriyat faction termed it as “vote bank” politics.

“His statements (over AFSPA) don’t mean anything before Indian Army and he knows it very well,” Akbar said. “These contradictory statements are being given to deceive people and after mutual deliberations.”