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Monday, December 16, 2019

Eye on Lok Sabha polls,Narendra Modi calls for a Congress-free India

You may be angry with us,but we want to correct our ways,Gujarat CM tells voters.

Written by Johnson T A | Belgaum,mangalore | Published: May 3, 2013 3:58:01 am

You may be angry with us,but we want to correct our ways,he tells voters

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi used the second and final leg of his campaign for the BJP for the May 5 Assembly polls to set the tone for the coming Lok Sabha elections by launching an attack on the Congress and UPA on a gamut of national issues,including foreign policy in the light of the death of Sarabjit Singh in Pakistan and Chinese incursions.

Modi lashed out at Prime Minister Manmohan Singh over the paralysis in coal production and questioned the Congress’s ability to maintain law and order in the light of attacks on women in New Delhi in the course of his 40-minute speech at the Bal Bhavan grounds in Belgaum.

Taking up the issue of the demise of death row convict Sarabjit Singh in Pakistan,following an attack in prison,Modi said,“India should have pressured Pakistan by activating human rights organisations and contacts in other countries. The government had the time to act,but left all responsibility with the family. The government in Delhi did not show any strength. It is a weak government.”

Modi claimed that attacks do not happen on prisoners on death row because they are in solitary confinement. “What is the reason for Sarabjit Singh,who was on death row,to be attacked?” he asked. “When a minister from Kerala met Modi,the Central government went to all ends to punish him. When two Indian soldiers were beheaded,they treated the Pakistan Prime Minister to chicken biryani,” he alleged.

On Chinese incursions Modi asked what the PM has been doing about it. “China is making incursions into our territory. They are sending tanks,building roads. The government does not know how far they have reached,” Modi said. Striking the nationalism chord,Modi said,“Small countries like Maldives and Bangladesh are staring us down. The Supreme Court had to interfere to get the Italian marines back to India. Will you hand over the future of this country to these people?”

Like he did in Bangalore on Sunday,Modi frequently referred to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi as ‘Mr Golden Spoon’. “The Congress leader,if he is a true follower of Mahatma Gandhi,as he claims to be,must fulfil one of the last wishes of the Mahatma — disbanding of the Indian National Congress,” Modi said.

Addressing youths,he said that they must vote the Congress out of power in Karnataka and India if they want to put an end to the problems faced by their parents. “The route out of the problems faced by your parents is a Congress-free Karnataka and a Congress-free India,” Modi said.

Taking a dig at the PM for his speeches during the campaign,he said,“It is no small wonder when the PM speaks. The PM does not say anything in New Delhi. Only when he came out of Delhi to Karnataka did he open his mouth.”

He questioned the PM’s criticism of the BJP for failing to provide 24 hours of electricity,as promised in the run up to the 2008 Assembly polls when coal linkages had not been provided by the UPA.

“The PM must be answerable for this. His government has not formulated a coal production policy. Due to your (UPA) policy paralysis,coal is not being produced in the country despite abundant reserves. Your coal activities have blackened the face of the nation,” he said targeting the PM.

The Gujarat CM compared road construction during the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government with that under the Manmohan Singh government and said that only three kilometres of road construction is happening per day against the promised length of 20 km per day.

He described the UPA government as being without vision and direction. “The arrogance of the Congress has reached the skies. When you are so arrogant you cannot see the needs of the people. You have to protect Karnataka from this,” Modi said. “The Congress is not interested in developing the country. They use all government institutions for settling scores with their rivals. They have broken the country from inside. No institution in the country has been left politically untouched by the Congress,”

Modi added.

In Mangalore,Modi sought to stoke up the party’s Hindutva cadre by issuing a warning that the Congress would legalise cow slaughter if brought to power. “We have heard of gold smuggling,but what is happening these days is cow smuggling. Cattle are being smuggled to Bangladesh for slaughter and the government pretends it is not happening. The Congress is seeking votes in the state saying that they will allow cow slaughter,” he alleged.

On the issue of law and order in the Mangalore region,Modi said in the last five years under the BJP rule the region had not witnessed any instance of communal violence.

“The Congress is telling us about the law and order situation here. In Delhi they have every top law enforcement agency,but there are so many attacks on women. When they cannot protect a small place like Delhi how can they protect Karnataka?” he asked.

Making only a passing reference to the BJP’s infighting and corruption in Karnataka,Modi said,“We got a chance to form a government in Karnataka for the first time. There have been some internal problems,but the BJP has tried to keep Karnataka on the path of development. You may be angry with us,but we want to correct our ways. If we have made mistakes,we will correct ourselves. No Congress leader will ever say this.”

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