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Cure At Fingertips

Su Jok, the practice of treating ailments through pressure points on hands and feet, is gaining popularity in India

He walks briskly with the spine upright. Even a close look at Raj Mehra will not reveal that he was bedridden till about six months ago. After an accident, doctors had told the 55-year-old that he would never walk again. And then, Su Jok happened. Two months of the therapy later, Sharma is back on his feet and how. ‘‘I would not have been able to move if it weren’t for Su Jok,’’ says the retired engineer.

Sharma is just one of the many who’ve benefitted from Su Jok. Literally meaning the hand (Su) and the (foot) Jok, this therapy was developed around 40 years ago by Korea-based Professor Park Jae Woo. This reflexology practice premises itself on the principle that the hands and the feet possess a channel to every organ that links the meridian system and any physical or psychological ailment can be treated through this link. ‘‘The cure lies in balancing the five elements in the body and maintaining harmony between Yang (hand) and Yin (foot). Once that is achieved, the patient is automatically well,’’ says Dr Madhushree Taparia, who practices Su Jok at Kolkata’s Calcutta Gujarati Hospital. 

Credited for curing an array of ailments ranging from bronchial asthma to cervical spondylitis, migraine, blood pressure, diabetes and menstrual problems, a combination of various therapies are used in Su Jok. These include acupuncture, micro magnets, colour and seed therapies. All of these are applied on the corresponding links on the fingers and palm, rather than on the affected area. “By cleansing the channel, the system is also cleansed,’’ says Pradeep Sharma, president of Su Jok Association of India. 

The therapy identifies the co-related pressure points on the hand and the foot. Professor Girdhari Luthria, founder of the Lions Club of Mumbai Su Jok, explains: ‘‘Fingers and toes jut from the sole of the palm and the foot like the five parts protruding from our trunk—two arms, two legs and the head. For instance, the index finger and the little finger correspond to our hands and the inner two fingers correspond to the legs. Likewise, in the left-hand, the index finger corresponds to the left arm and the little finger to the right arm.’’

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The treatment primarily makes use of micro needles to give acupuncture through the pressure points and magnets that help rectify any energy imbalance. Coloured pens are used to accurately mark dots on the pressure point.

‘‘Colour therapy comes into play on this count, as eight types of energies exist in the human body and each of them has a corresponding colour,’’ says Sharma. Green represents wind, red heat, orange hotness, white brightness, yellow humidity, brown dryness, blue coldness and black darkness. ‘‘In Su Jok, it is imperative that both the energies and their colours are given due emphasis,’’ he adds.

Seeds may also be pasted on the corresponding link with the help of a surgical tape. These are recommended on the basis of the nature of the seed, each of which possesses certain values. Kidney beans are tied for a kidney ailment, black pepper treats eye problems and corn curbs diabetes. 


The therapy is fast catching up in the country. ‘‘People are increasingly becoming aware of it,’’ says Sharma, who has been practising Su Jok for six years now. He adds: ‘‘Its success rate is almost hundred per cent and there is relief within two to three sessions. In fact, one Su Jok course lasts for 14 to 15 sessions, each about 20 minutes long.’’

Agrees Sharma’s patient Meeta Manghani, whose cervical spondylitis became less painful after four sessions. ‘‘Those long years of popping pills hardly led to any pain reduction,’’ says the 30-year-old resident of Spain.

It’s not just physical ailments. Su Jok even cures depression and hypertension. ‘‘This therapy provides metaphysical cure for every problem by streamlining energy,’’ explains Luthria. The fact that there are no side effects only makes this alternative therapy even more attractive. So the next time you are in pain, try curing through finger points rather than pills.

Hands-On Guide 


Su Jok is based on the belief that fingers and toes jut from the sole of the palm and feet like the five parts protruding from our trunk—two arms, two legs and the head. Here are the pressure points on our hands and feet.

On the right hand

Little finger will correspond to left arm

Index finger to the right arm

Middle finger to right leg

Ring finger to the left leg 

On the left hand

l Little finger corresponds to right arm

l Index finger to left arm

l Middle finger to left leg

l Ring finger to the right leg 

l Thumb represents the head and the neck 

l All the fingers have three joints each and these represent the joints in the body. The legs are connected to the trunk at the hip, so the topmost joints of the second and third finger correspond to the hip joint, the middle joint to the knees and the third joint to the heels or ankles. Likewise, the joint connecting the index and the little finger corresponds to the shoulder joint, the middle joint to the elbow and the third to the wrist 

l Similarly, every organ in the body finds a place on the palm

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