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Woman tries to kill brother for opposing illicit relationship

Swati Mishra confesses that she had fallen in love with her uncle,who trained to use fire arms.

A 22-year-old woman allegedly conspired to kill her brother at the behest of her uncle,with whom she had a “relationship”,after her sibling warned her against continuing it.

Swati Mishra shot her brother Nitin point blank when he was asleep using a gun given to her by her uncle Anil Mishra,but the man survived with injuries.

This incident took place in the national capital recently and both Swati and Anil have been arrested.

To get rid of Nitin,who came in the way of their alleged relationship,Anil armed Swati with a country made gun and asked her to kill her brother.


As per their plan,Swati went to her brother’s room on Wednesday and shot him point blank when he was sleeping and both made it look like a robbery attempt.

Unconvinced by allegations of the family members,police interrogated Swati who confessed that she and her uncle had fallen in love but her brother was opposed to their relationship.

“During interrogation,Swati Mishra said she fell in love with her ‘chacha’ Anil Mishra. Her uncle trained her how to drive motorcycle and use of fire-arms. Anil Mishra had licensed gun. Gradually,Swati’s brother learnt this fact and was furious,” P Karunakaran,DCP,North-West District,said.

Nitin prohibited Swati from seeing Anil Mishra but Swati did not stop.

Police claimed that Swati decided to take the things in her own hands after watching a movie ‘Ishqzade’ where the heroine was shown to be using gun.

“They planned to kill Nitin using a gun. Almost 20-25 days ago,Anil Mishra came to their house quietly and gave one ‘desi katta’ loaded to Swati and told her to do the work as soon as possible,” he said.