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Alone vs lonely

Being by yourself is different, being alone is different. When are you alone? When can you be really alone? Within yourself, you can only be...

Being by yourself is different, being alone is different. When are you alone? When can you be really alone? Within yourself, you can only be lonely. So when can a man be really alone? Only when everything that is around him becomes a part of him and when nothing else exists. That is ultimate realisation or aloneness. The aloneness you are talking about is just loneliness, just separation, just exclusion. Separation is not aloneness. When everything has merged within you, you are alone, because nothing else exists. It is when you finally realise, ‘‘I am alone here because there is nobody else but me.’’ Only then there is aloneness.

So what is this privacy you’re talking about? Whenever you feel uncomfortable, you want to be left alone. Why is this so? I don’t want any philosophies, just come to the specifics. You have some “sometimes I would like to be left alone” moments, why? Now you say that your feelings are being trampled, why are you feeling that way? There is nothing that happens without a reason. Right now you feel like being left alone from everything and everybody. Let us look at this. Nobody is intruding. They don’t even know how to intrude. The moment you set up a barrier, they just leave you alone and go, isn’t it? Only one person is intruding into everything. Even when you set up your barrier, he will find a way in, and if you set another barrier, he will find yet another way in: your Guru.

Many of you are still in that state where, if you were simply told something, even if it’s the best thing for you, you would get a little irritated because you still have your own personality, your own will, your own privacy and what not. So when I talk to you, I talk as if I am asking, but actually I am really telling you. Even if somebody tells you what is best for you, you will resist because they are telling you, so I make it appear as if I am asking. All this is unnecessary. If your surrendering is total, this is unnecessary. For a rare few, I just say, ‘‘You have no choice, you come.’’ I never ask them, ‘‘What will you do? Will you give up your job? Will you do this?’’ No. For some people, I just tell them, ‘‘You leave everything and come.’’ They never felt there was any choice; they felt they have chosen. They were only told because if given a choice, they might have done something irrelevant with their life. The only thing is, you need trust to hand yourself over so completely.

Extracted from ‘Mystic’s Musings’

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First published on: 17-06-2004 at 12:00:00 am
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