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Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Working It Out: 7 productivity hacks for success

When you do a task happily, you are very productive. Thus, in order to be productive at work, either do only what you love or love everything that you have to do. Do not argue too much with people who pay you.

Written by Siddhartha S | New Delhi | Published: April 25, 2018 11:52:49 am
hacks for success, success at work, more productive at work, success at office, productive at office, get more work done, more focus, success tips, how to be successful, indian express, indian express news Your productivity depends on your ability to run your day in an organised and calm manner. (Source: Getty Images)

“Time cannot be saved, it can either be wasted or used productively”

As an author and a motivational speaker, I cannot overemphasise the importance of being productive in life. One question that has always amazed me is how is it that though we have 24 hours in a day, there is so much of income inequality in this world. Education does make a difference, but even amongst equally educated folks, money is not equally distributed.

After years of research and study, I concluded that our understanding of the subject of productivity does act as one of the key reasons behind inequality that exists in the world. The other reasons being the country you live in, the industry you join and the company you work for and whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee. However, in this article I will be addressing the topic of personal productivity which can be the game-changer for you if you decide to master it.

*A to-do list helps

Productivity in simple words is defined as the measure of your efficiency in performing some action. One of the things that works for me is writing down five to seven things that I need to accomplish in a day to feel successful and proud of myself. This feeling of accomplishment is important for feeling in charge of your life.

The tool called ‘to-do’ list has generated a lot of negative publicity that it does not work. This publicity obviously was started by people who were never serious about planning and running their day. Once things went haywire they complained about the tool rather than blaming the user of the tool.

* Focus and minimise distractions

How many hours can you work without checking your smartphone or social media? As a matter of practice, I check my phone only after having my meals and rest of the time, I switch off the mobile data. Friends, family and colleagues can reach me over calls on phone or official emails on laptop. I am embarrassed to admit that few years ago a diagnostic smartphone app actually shocked me. I was spending approximately four hours on smartphone and checking it about 300 times daily. The data was consistent and helped me change my phone habits. Smartphones are just one distraction and you need to manage multiple things like TV shows, partying, weddings and sports updates. I do not wish to be prescriptive but we all need to find the right balance between creation and consumption.

*  Stop multitasking

The human brain can do only thing at a time. Multi-tasking is a myth. Set your stakeholders’ expectations right and do not try to juggle too many balls at one time. Do not start five projects at once. Start one major and one minor project. Finish them and then move on to the next item on the agenda.

* Be mentally and emotionally aligned

When you do a task happily, you are very productive. Thus, in order to be productive at work, either do only what you love or love everything that you have to do. If your employer wants you to do something and if it cannot be avoided, then do it with a smile. Do not argue too much with people who pay you. You can try to change them through peaceful discussions or power-games, but if you cannot change them then simply change yourself or change your employer. Be emotionally sorted and mentally sharp in any task that you need to undertake. If you are having an exceptionally bad day, then practising gratitude can help you  feel aligned and make you productive.

* Be physically fit and move during the day

Your productivity depends on your ability to run your day in an organised and calm manner. If you stay hydrated and take the right nutrition, you will feel physically fit. Never overeat or take too much caffeine or sugar. Excess sugar, caffeine and overeating disturb the natural metabolism process. Always exercise for 30-60 minutes every day to stay alert and fit. So many people feel sleepy after the lunch hours and wait for the day to end. Never sit for longer for more than an hour at a stretch. Do a quick five-minute stretch and take a brisk walk break after every one hour.

* Delegate what others can do

You cannot be productive if you do not learn to delegate. If you have just started your career and have no one to delegate work to, then it is understandable that you have to do everything yourself. However, if you are a tenured manager than learn to delegate in life. Coach your junior to do what you are doing and move to a bigger challenge in or outside your company. This is the only way to grow financially and to maximise your productivity.

* Upgrade your skills and learn what pays in the market

We are living in a world of unprecedented economic and technological change. The skills that were considered essential for success in the previous decade may no longer guarantee winning in the current or the next decade. Take up the best internet courses and online classes to learn more about the future of your industry. What are the top three skills you must learn to be among the highest paid professional in your job or business?

Read and explore the subject of productivity. The above hacks may not be exhaustive but if practised daily they are enough to trigger a transformation in your life. Go beyond theory and make them part of your routine. My words may not change you but they can inspire you to change. Be inspired and take charge of your life.

Siddhartha S is an author of 5 books — '60 Keys to Success with NLP’, ‘Thank God it’s Monday’, and many others. He calls himself a ‘weekend writer’ and writes on how to attain peak performance in personal life. The views presented are strictly his personal views and cannot be attributed to any organisation he is or will be part of.

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