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COVID-19: If you are going back to office, do not forget to take these precautions

While provisions for thermal scanning and sanitisation are being made at offices as per official directives, it is also important that you personally take certain precautions as well.

office precautions, covid 19 Do not step out for work without wearing a mask. (Source: Getty Images)

With the Centre announcing opening of offices and industrial units amid lockdown 4.0, many of us might have to start going to our workplaces after a long time. But this also means those going to offices need to take some safety measures to avoid getting infected with COVID-19. The pandemic is still there, one must remember, so while provisions for thermal scanning and sanitisation are being made at offices as per official directives, it is also important that you personally take certain precautions as well. Follow these:

When you leave for office

* Do not forget to wear a face mask before stepping out.

* Carry a soap paper, small soap bar or an alcohol-based hand sanitiser to office.

* Carry your own glass, mug, bottle and spoon so that you can avoid using cutlery from the pantry.

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* Carry your own power bank and charger to avoid borrowing it from a colleague.

* If you are using your personal vehicle, make sure to disinfect the most-touched parts of the car once more, including the door and door handle, dash, steering wheel and gear lever, seat and seat belt, before you start. Clean your two-wheeler similarly, that is, sanitise the frequently-touched parts.

While commuting

Dr Jayant Thakuria, senior consultant, Internal Medicine Fortis Escorts Faridabad, suggested the following tips:


* Do not share your two-wheeler with anyone to maintain social distancing.

* If two people are travelling in a car, they should sit in a criss-cross pattern in the front and back respectively to maintain distance.

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At office

Here are some precautions that Dr Thakuria recommended:

* Avoid touching lift buttons or use a tissue to touch it. If you are taking the stairs, avoid touching the walls or railing.

* Make sure there are not more than two-three people in the lift, else take the next one. While in the lift, do not face each other.

* Do not remove the face mask at any point. It is recommended that you do not use the same mask daily.

* Before beginning your day’s work, disinfect the desk and the laptop/desktop. As you sit, make sure you at leave at least a seat’s distance between you and your colleague.

office precautions, covid 19 Sanitise the laptop and desk before using. (Source: Getty Images)

* Maintain social distancing when you interact with people. Avoid shaking hands. In case of a meeting, make sure there are not too many people in the room at a time so that you can maintain social distancing.

* If you absolutely have to touch a handle or a door knob, sanitise your hands immediately.


* At lunchtime, wash your hands properly before you start eating. Eat at a distance from others.

office precautions, covid 19 Maintain a distance of at least a metre from your colleague. (Source: Getty Images)

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After coming home

*When you come home, take a bath and put your clothes for washing separately and not with other clothes.

* Disinfect your mobile phone and other items you took to office.

Most importantly, avoid going to your workplace in case you feel sick or show some worrying symptoms.

First published on: 22-05-2020 at 10:00 IST
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