What have you got for lunch today? Eating home cooked food is the ultimate green statement

Eating home-cooked food not only helps save money, but it also brings in a lot of health benefits for you.

Written by Keshav Chaturvedi | New Delhi | Published: August 4, 2014 4:30:47 pm


Eating home cooked food is another green statement you can make. This saves you thousands of rupees wasted on outside food which is unhealthy to begin with. You end up suffering a double whammy – depleting finances and adverse impact on health.

There is a caveat though for home cooked food. Don’t bring packed food items from outside, heat them up in your kitchen and present it as home cooked food. That’s what it is not! And this kind of food preparation by Americans during 60s and 70s was one of the reasons for majority of people opting to eat out and make it a national habit. It is lose-lose situation for your health, finances and quality family time.

The components of home cooked food are use of raw, uncooked whole grain flour kneaded by hand or by a mixer grinder

Spices: loose and grinded at home or powdered and packed (available at grocery)

Use of fresh vegetables
Use of raw fish and meat bought from the vendor in the market

These ingredients when used in bringing a recipe to life in your own kitchen make it home cooked food. People complain they don’t have time to cook at home. However, lack of time is not the problem. Lack of importance associated with this critical exercise, is.

This is the reason they say, almost apologetically, “my mom is/was just a housewife”; they are doing great disservice to her contribution towards maintaining family health, finances and maintaining ecological sustainability.

She should be thanked for her efforts and you should be grateful towards all the mothers over the ages, wives and the cooks employed by people at home as they are doing an equally important work (if not more) as those who are going to office.

People may ask how come this food is clean when this too drips with oil. The answer is whosoever is cooking at your home (mother, wife, cook or a small minority of men) is using fresh dose of oil, spices, vegetables etc to make your food. This small step in itself makes world of difference in the nutrient value of the food you partake.

Going back to good old days of buying vegetables twice a week, preparing food at home and also bringing it to office for lunch is the coolest green statement you can make. It is healthy and economic.

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