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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Supernatural Singalong

Curtain Blue’s new album Drones is about experimental electronica and a combination of eerie and melancholic sounds.

Updated: April 25, 2015 12:00:30 am
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By: Alifiya Khan

Delhi-based electronica producer Abhishek Bhatia aka Curtain Blue is drawn to things that are eerie, which makes one uncomfortable. “The kind of things that make you feel chaotic. That’s why my music also has a bit of an unearthly feel to it. There wasn’t a conscious sound that I had in mind though, these songs just happened. I have tried to complement the eerie vibe with music which is slightly melancholic,” says this 27-year-old. His latest album, Drones, was launched on April 13.

Ask him if it comes from a dark place within and he says, “I am a happy person. The songs in the EP are very close to me but they don’t come from any personal experiences. You see, I am attracted to melancholy. I love sad music and can relate to it. Happy music does nothing to me. It’s just a personal take and when I make music, my preferences naturally find their way into it and it may come across as sad,” he says.

All the tracks are about a year old. While he has experimented with the genre, the sound structure remains kind of similar to what he has been making. So there won’t be any huge deviation for his listeners.

In one word, Drones explains what his EP is all about. “If you define the word, it means some kind of an eerie mumble or something that leaves an echo. I guess that really fits into my work for this EP. Also Drones is the first song that I made for this,” he says. The other tracks include Sentinos, a track which he calls a slow song with lyrics that you can singalong with but it’s for Into my dreams that he teamed up with Kavya Trehan from Mosko. In short, Drones features some confident music, skilfully produced with textural percussion elements and haunting vocals.

Despite his sinister tunes, he says he fits comfortably into EDM. “It isn’t the kind of thumping music which would want to make you dance. Though some people, like my sister, find it dance friendly. To me it’s headphone friendly, the kind of music and lyrics that you can singalong to. And it’s definitely not intelligent dance music which I think is such a pseudo term,” says the artiste.

It’s been two years since he started his solo project Curtain Blue and he still remains an integral part of the four artiste band, The Circus. Over the past couple of years, he had performed in various music festivals across the country including Magnetic Fields at Alsisar Mahal, Rajasthan, where he met Berlin/ Los Angeles-based producer Robot Koch. Earlier in 2015, they released a musical collaborative EP Tsuki via MonkeyTown Records where Curtain Blue was featured in two songs, Let me and Erase.

Now Bhatia is all set for his first international tour. Next month, he will be travelling to the UK and will be performing at two festivals — The Great Escape in Brighton on May 14, at Alchemy in London on May 20 and in Glasgow on May 23.

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