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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Without surgeries, Rukmani’s large head could claim her before her 7th birthday

6 year old Rukmani requires urgent help to live a long and healthy life...

Updated: December 7, 2020 9:51:35 am

The Pushty family from Puri dotes on little Rukmani, but the 6-year-old’s life is at severe risk. This is due to hydrocephalus—a disorder which causes cerebrospinal fluid to get accumulated in the ventricles over the brain. The built up pressure has led to Rukmani’s abnormally sized head leading to several health complications.

Tapasvini and Dinabandhu, the parents, are anxious to even step out of their small room with Rukmani. Curious eyes peer at the little baby, make her uncomfortable and cause her to cry. As a result, Rukmani has led a confined life for the past six years. Her rare condition is made worse, by her parents’ helplessness as they struggle to afford her life-changing treatment. 


The mother breaks down when narrating her daughter’s plight: 

“We grew anxious when we saw her head growing in size 3 months after Rukmani was born. We rushed her to the pediatrician, unaware that our lives were about to change forever. My heart sank when he told us that Rukmani would need brain surgery to make it. We borrowed and emptied out wallets to save our baby, but the surgery failed.”

The surgery left Rukmani paralyzed, but the parents have refused to give up on her. Rukmani’s head has grown in size and is nearly bigger than her mother’s today. Hydrocephalus has also multiplied her problems. The 6-year-old reels with the increasing pressure on her brain as cerebrospinal fluid builds up. Her mother must feed her, dress her, and console her through sleepless nights.



Dinabandhu, who is a painter, earns only Rs 9,000/month. Even if he works for a decade, Rs 12 lakh to save his daughter is out of his reach. The family has already sold off their valuables but still can’t afford her surgery.               

“I start my days with fear in my heart. Rukmani may not have very long to live without her surgeries. I do everything in my power to comfort her, but the only thing that can save her is out of our reach.”


Needless to say, Rukmani is also losing her childhood. She can’t go to school or play like her peers. But 6 years later, there is hope and only your support on her fundraiser can change the little one’s life. Multiple neuro and plastic surgeries can ease Rukmani’s pain and help her begin a normal childhood by her 7th birthday. 

Rukmani needs urgent help and you could be her saviour. Please donate generously to save her life and keep a mother from losing her baby. 


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