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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Without Proper Treatment Cancer Will Kill My Daughter – Help Me Save Her

“Rishita has barely started talking properly but she keeps asking about her elder brother. She misses him as they used to play every day, and now he is back home while we are in the hospital struggling to find ways to get her treated,” said Anitha.

Updated: November 17, 2020 2:25:00 pm
Your donations can save little Rishita. We urge you to donate for the little 3 year old’s life.

Anitha and Parameshwar are parents to 3-year-old Rishita who has recently been diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a type of blood cancer. Her blood count is very low and she is tired all the time. She frequently needs to visit the hospital to receive blood transfusions. The family had to shift in order to provide their daughter with the treatment.

The doctors have said that she needs prolonged chemotherapy for a period of three years in order to cure her cancer.

Three years is a long time and due to the lockdown Parameshwar has lost his job as a security guard & now surviving each day is a struggle. In a situation like this, he urgently needs to arrange Rs 10 lakh ($ 13568.75) for his daughter’s treatment, which is impossible for him.


“When the lockdown started, unlike everyone we were not sad. We were together and that is what mattered but suddenly in the month of May, Rishita suddenly stopped eating properly. For the whole week, she was restless and we noticed a swelling in her stomach. Initially, I was hesitant to visit the hospital due to the pandemic but seeing her like this scared me and so we took her to the hospital. It was then that we found out about cancer,” said Parameshwar.

They were devastated, but they had to quickly start her treatment. The poor parents had to travel from their hometown to get their daughter treated while their elder son is back at home living with his uncle.


“Watching her suffer like this makes me feel guilty. I have lost a child in the past, I can’t bear to lose another baby,” said Anitha.

The family is terrified that if something is not done soon, they will lose their daughter to cancer. They have tried everything in their power to gather funds. They sold off their valuables, even took high-interest loans but they have exhausted everything and now they can’t afford the chemotherapy.

They desperately need your help. Please donate generously and save a 3-yr-old girl from cancer. Rishita’s life is in our hands – it’s our time to help…

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