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Sponsored | Things you must do for your parents if you are staying away

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Let us start with a few gestures that will make your parents feel special.

No matter how far you are from your parents, the relationship with them should always remain unaffected. You may have settled down in life, but it is the right time to give your parents the same love and care that you once received from them. Distance should never come in the way of making them feel loved and cared for. Call them frequently, hear out what they have to stay, take care of their health, and most importantly, protect them from all that’s ahead.

While simple gestures can make distance disappear, it is also imperative for you to consider having a safety cushion for future predicaments. Uncertainties are a part of life and it is important that you have a plan for everything that’s ahead. A comprehensive health insurance plan with Max Bupa can certainly be a good match for all your requirements.

Let us start with a few gestures that will make your parents feel special:

Maintain frequent contact- Let them hear all your stories

You don’t need a special reason to call more often. Even if you are living away, that doesn’t mean you can’t be close enough with your parents. Frequent phone calls can definitely make all the difference. Share your day stories and chat with them like old times. Even if you had a long day, let them know that they are missed and it would’ve been a lot better if they were around. Simple gestures and communication will make them feel like their existence is valuable to you.

Surprise them


Nothing feels more special than giving someone a reason to smile and when it comes to your parents, every little gesture counts. When you’re staying away, ensure that you visit your parents at regular intervals. Drop by unexpectedly, plan a vacation and send gifts more often. Visiting your parents frequently and spending some quality time will not only make them happy but will also help them confide in you. You’re responsible for making them believe that you’re capable of taking care of their emotions too.

Keep in touch with the doctors/caretakers

Always remember the responsibilities you have towards your parents always remain the same irrespective of whether you live with them or not. Your parents will find ways to evade health conversations, but you should always pay close attention to their worries. Keep in touch with their doctors/caretakers, book appointments for a regular health checkup and make sure they’re always fit and healthy.

Listen to them closely

Your parents are aging and they definitely need more social contact than brief talks with the neighbors and extended family members. They need their children to listen to them, just like they did when you were little. Be all ears to what your parents have to say. Make sure they understand that they can count on you if anything goes wrong. Be approachable and let them reach out to you in times of need. Let them know that you’re close enough even if you’re not around.

Keep them financially independent

Remember when you were little and you wanted a toy and your parents bought that toy for you even before you had to ask for it. Well, it is now your responsibility to have everything well taken care of for your family. Your parents will refuse to take your help, simply because they love you so much and they don’t want you to be bothered. But let them know that they are not a burden and it is not a big deal. Help them out financially and make sure everything reaches them in advance. Keep them financially independent and do not wait for them to ask for help.

Protect them from all that’s ahead

When you’re occupied with professional commitments, it’s hard to think about the future. No matter how uncertain the future might be, you would always want to make sure that your family members get there safely. Comprehensive health insurance plans can protect your family members by easing the financial hardships that can result from unexpected challenges.

Here is how the Health Companion Family First plan with Max Bupa will take care of you and your family.

Health Companion Family First plan offers comprehensive protection that can be extended up to 19 relationships in one policy. Apart from covering pre and post hospitalization expenses up to the sum insured, the policy provides other loyalty benefits such as no claim bonus and health check up in the following policy year. Additionally, in-patient hospitalization for alternative treatments like Ayurveda, Homeopathy, etc. and day care treatments are a part of the plan. The cashless facility makes the policy even more convenient and approachable.

Max Bupa believes that health insurance should give you peace of mind irrespective of your age, plan or any other factor.

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