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Friday, November 27, 2020

My Son Is All I Have In This World… Don’t Let Me Lose Him; Kindly Help

As I sit next to my son on the bed in one of the hospital rooms, I can see the fear visible in his eyes. The fear of the nurses, the doctors, the injections and the gruelling blood transfusions. Everything is so very painful for my 8-year-old son, but I'm helpless.

Updated: October 15, 2020 2:40:17 pm
Our support can help little Jayesh and his family - let's do our bit

Every time the nurse or the doctor comes in, my son Jayesh, holds onto my hand tightly as his watery eyes silently beg me to not leave him alone. No matter what, I’ll never leave him alone.

No matter what, I’ll never leave him alone. Only death can tear me apart from him and I simply cannot bear to think about this horrifying possibility. He is all I have and all I ever wished for.

And yet, destiny is so cruel wanting to snatch him away from me as if he never existed in the first place.


Jayesh’s rare and deadly blood disorder has taken a huge toll on his health ever since he was diagnosed with it in April, this year.

From severe chest pains to constant dizziness and weakness, I have been seeing my son suffering for months on end as his deadly disorder slowly takes over him one day at a time.

When initially the doctor told me that Jayesh was suffering from Aplastic Anaemia, a blood disorder wherein the body stops producing blood in the bone marrow, I was simply confused.

But later when I understood the gravity of the disorder and its life-threatening nature, I was shattered into pieces. From a bubbly and playful child, my Jayesh turned into a sick and unhappy kid, whose miseries had no ends.

Today, it has been months since Jayesh is suffering from the gruesome disorder. From a few blood transfusions to medications, whatever my husband and I could afford from our side, we did.

The doctors have said that as soon as they find a donor for Jayesh, they’ll have to perform a transplant so that he could get rid of the disorder once and for all. But it will cost Rs 21 lakh ($ 28518.86).


Due to the abrupt lockdown, my husband lost his job and only means of income. Before he could even try to get his job back in the small shop where he worked, it had to be shut down due to lack of funds and increasing debts. Life has become a nightmare for us as we do not even have enough money to buy a square meal. Whatever valuable or piece of jewellery we owned had to be sold to survive the protracted lockdown.

For Jayesh’s initial treatment we had somehow begged and borrowed from our relatives. But now we don’t even have a single rupee with us to pay for his transplant. At this point, you are our only hope. We have lost the courage of seeing our child break down again and again. We have lost the courage of seeing my child suffer in pain again and again. And it won’t be too long before we lose the courage to live without him in this world. I urge you to come ahead and donate for my Jayesh as much as you can and give him a new lease of life.

Jayesh and his parents need us and our help… This is the time to show support, let’s together donate to save Jayesh.

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