Soon,’ostrich pillow’ to relieve jet lag

Soon,’ostrich pillow’ to relieve jet lag

Ostrich Pillow will 'enable power naps anytime,anywhere',in airport lounges and on planes too.

Researchers are developing a new portable device which they claim will counter the ill effects of jet lag and long-haul flights.

The Ostrich Pillow will “enable power naps anytime,anywhere”,including in airport lounges and on planes,its inventors claimed,The Telegraph reported.

The concept was developed by Kawamura-Ganjavian,an architecture and design studio with offices in Madrid and Lausanne.

Stuffed with synthetic material – “for maximum performance and lightness”,the pillow has a hole in which to put your head,and a mouth hole designed to allow its wearer to breath easily.


It also has two side holes where you can store your hands.

“We have tried it in airports,trains,aeroplanes,libraries,at the office,on a sofa and even on the floor and it’s really wonderful,” the company claimed.

The Ostrich Pillow will go into production if its fundraising targets are met.

The company is currently trying to collect USD 70,000 on Kickstarter,a funding website for creative business ideas.