‘Not muting during conference call’ rudest professional behaviour for Indians: survey

Research titled 'The New Rude' lists top professional behaviour which people consider offensive.

Written by Fe Bureau | New Delhi | Published: September 11, 2013 4:27:32 pm

Some things never change. Going by an international research titled ‘The New Rude’ from communications experts Pitney Bowes,even in this digital age some old-fashioned values are still held in high regard.

The survey has revealed that actions like ‘not meeting somebody’s eye during a handshake’ or ‘checking mails/phones while talking’ are considered rude and unprofessional in most parts of the world.

‘Not muting during conference call’ takes the highest priority as the ‘New Rude’ in India with 43% of the respondents saying that people should always mute background noises while on a professional conference call.

Coming in close second is ‘not looking somebody in eye during handshake’ with 39% of the Indian respondents saying that it is extremely offensive to look away while greeting someone with a handshake.

Thirty-three per cent Indians feel ‘checking emails while in a meeting’ is also not socially acceptable and considered professionally rude.

When it comes to international countries ‘not meeting somebody’s eye during a handshake’ takes the highest priority in the ‘New Rude’ survey with an average of 55% of respondents voting for the same. ‘Not muting during conference call’ comes in a close second with an average of 51% respondents voting for the same.

Survey Sept 11

The survey is an indication that even though communicating digitally may be quick and easy but this shouldn’t open the door to offensive behaviour and people all over the world still give extremely high regard to basic standards of professionalism,says Pitney Bowes.

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