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Monday, September 20, 2021

World Senior Citizen’s Day: A pictorial celebration of an elderly couple’s lasting love

On World Senior Citizen's Day, a look at the heart-warming love story of an elderly couple, captured in a photo series by photographer Niraj Gera

By: Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi |
Updated: August 21, 2021 10:02:30 pm
Take a look at the heartwarming and eternal love story of an elderly couple. (Source: Niraj Gera)

How do you define love? In the current generation, the definition of true love has changed significantly as compared to what it was before. This World Senior Citizen’s Day, we take you through an eternal love story of an elderly couple: 88-year-old Ram Dayal Malik and 84-year-old Satyawati Malik, who are redefining how we perceive true love.

In this heart-warming photo series titled ‘Immortal Love’ by ace photographer Niraj Gera and his team, we revisit what it is to love and be loved, unconditionally and eternally.

“I was mesmerised by their chemistry. There is so much warmth in their relationship; it was awe-inspiring for me. They were very receptive to pose like a romantic couple, which is usually very rare in this age group. During our conversation, I realised the depth of their love, mutual understanding and respect for each other. I took no time in making a decision that I should work on a full-fledged pictorial article with them where they share their secrets behind the longevity of their relationship without losing the romance,” Gera told

World Senior Citizen's Day, Niraj Gera Ram Dayal Malik and Satyawati Malik hug in this beautiful photograph. (Source: Niraj Gera)

The couple has been married for over 57 years. Notwithstanding the current discourse of fickle feelings, they continue to remain passionate and sensitive towards each other’s emotions.

In a conversation with, the photographer said, “I decided to move ahead with this photo series since I believe that they can actually be a role model for young couples who are not able to sustain their relationship or warmth in the relationship for a long period.”

World Senior Citizen's Day, Niraj Gera Their love continues to blossom as they age. (Source: Niraj Gera)

Ram Dayal Malik said, “Love is not just about physical intimacy and hugging. It’s also about respecting your partner at home and in public. Such genuine respect gives wings to your love and holds nothing back.”

World Senior Citizen's Day, Niraj Gera The husband expresses his love and gratitude towards his wife. (Source: Niraj Gera)

Satyawati Malik believes, “Mutual understanding, faith and dedication are the foundation of a blessed life and relationship. If both the partners inculcate these virtues, then the relationship becomes eternal”.

World Senior Citizen's Day, Niraj Gera The couple redefines the meaning of true love. (Source: Niraj Gera)

Talking about the photo series, Niraj Gera, said, “Initially I was planning to take 1-2 photographs of this adorable couple to complete another series on elderly people, but when I saw their heartening chemistry and heard their inspiring love story, I decided to move ahead with a dedicated photo article covering their love story and life journey.”

World Senior Citizen's Day, Niraj Gera They find physical appearances and age futile in front of love. (Source: Niraj Gera)

Ram Dayal believes that they were meant to be together. “She was there in my life since she was born. I think we were meant to be together.”

World Senior Citizen's Day, Niraj Gera They got married through traditional rituals. (Source: Niraj Gera)

The couple had got married through traditional arranged marriage setup and rituals. “The era that we come from has never had the concept of a love affair or like-dislike,” he said.

World Senior Citizen's Day, Niraj Gera They hold each other in high regard and respect each other. (Source: Niraj Gera)

He believes that her wife is the best thing that has happened to him.

“They are quite broadminded and receptive to the modern approach, without forgetting our traditional values. I am glad that I met them and got a few of the most profound life lessons,” Gera shared his experience of working with the couple.

World Senior Citizen's Day, Niraj Gera They continue to find love in each other’s shortcomings. (Source: Niraj Gera)

Sharing the secret to their successful married life, Malik said, “She has always been very cooperative with me. You will be amazed but we never had any major fights or differences. Yes, on few petty issues we might have fought but we both had a deep sense of understanding for each other and still do.”

World Senior Citizen's Day, Niraj Gera They reminisce their past meetings and memories. (Source: Niraj Gera)

Satyawati still cherishes their first meeting after engagement. “The most amazing part was holding each other’s hands. We walked down while holding each other’s hands and I still can feel the warmth of that meeting.”

World Senior Citizen's Day, Niraj Gera She believes that her husband is very respectful towards her. (Source: Niraj Gera)

“When you love a person, it is hard to find only one good quality. He is an amazing kind-hearted person, and very composed. He has always been nice to me, loved everything that I made for him, had no complaints and was always satisfied with whatever we had. The best thing I love about him is, the way he is sensitive & respectful about me. He has always made me realize my worth,” she said.

World Senior Citizen's Day, Niraj Gera The couple believes that love has no age, limit or death. (Source: Niraj Gera)

Ram Dayal believes in the importance of sacrifice for a long-lasting and happy relationship. “I would like to say only one thing to this youth that being impulsive or impatient won’t help you anyway. What will always matter is how willing you were to sacrifice,” he said.

World Senior Citizen's Day, Niraj Gera They share some valuable lessons on love for young people. (Source: Niraj Gera)

“I would only like to convey just one thing that the youth of today should be inspired by their grandparents who have sustained their relationships throughout. Love is not just a task to be completed but a way of life to be lived with forever. Love is not about being persistent for one day or a year but a lifetime to cherish,” Satywati Malik added. “Till the time you are breathing you should love and work on your relationships. Life runs on love, the world runs on love. Love should be unconditional!”

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