Working in Mumbai is about earning as much as possible: Sunita Gautam Vankhade

Working in Mumbai is about earning as much as possible: Sunita Gautam Vankhade

Sunita Gautam Vankhade, 29, House help, on moving to Mumbai.

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Sunita Gautam Vankhade

How long have you been in Mumbai?
I’ve been here for 10 years now. As a young girl, I dreamed of moving here from Buldana, Nagpur. I got a proposal from a boy who stays in Mumbai, his family was in Buldana there, and I came here. It has been one of the best things to happen to me. Sometimes, it feels like it’s been ages and yet, sometimes, it is like my first time in Mumbai.

Are you satisfied with the standard of living here?
Things are expensive here, but my husband and I both earn and manage our money well. I clean houses for a living, but we have our priorities set — our children’s education comes first. I’ve put them in a government-aided convent school so that their future is better than mine could ever be.

Do you like it here?
Well, the weather here is horrible. Working here is all about earning as much as possible. But I can’t adapt to a life in the village anymore. I like living in Mumbai more than I like it there.

Is your husband supportive?
Unlike other husbands, he has always been supportive of my work. After nine years of working and saving, we built an extra floor in our house. It was a joint effort.


What did Mumbai mean to you before you moved here?
It is dream for anyone who comes from a small town or village in Maharashtra. Someone from a small town in UP might consider Delhi their dream . But, for me, it has always been Mumbai. I had considered moving to a city because the education for my kids would be better here than in my village.

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