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Monday, September 27, 2021

Ever wondered why New Year resolutions don’t last?

Making resolutions every year but never following it? Here's why you fail to keep it.

By: Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi |
January 1, 2020 11:01:29 am
Most common New Year Resolutions (Photo: Getty/ Thinkstock)

New year Resolution: A promise that you make to yourself every year, either to develop a positive habit or abandon a negative one, but it rarely lasts. Isn’t it? Well, if you are someone who actually follows it, you must be applauded! But unfortunately, most people end up forgetting it within a week or a month. Ever wondered why?

Following are 7 most likely reasons that lead to the failure of your resolutions:


It’s often seen that people who make a resolution alone, end up not following it. If you have a group of friends or people with similar interests and make resolutions together, the chances of keeping it are always higher, as you are all committed towards the same goal and therefore, more determined to follow them.


The most common reason for the failure of resolutions is because they are lofty and unrealistic. We tend to bring a big change in the new year, which isn’t pragmatic, in reality. Let’s say, “Losing 30 pounds in a week.” Give yourself a realistic goal to achieve, so that the chances of achieving it is also real.


“Eating healthier or seeking a better job”, can we even measure these? Until and unless you don’t make specific goals, you cannot achieve it, but only be fooling yourself. It’s a bit amorphous. It’s unclear what “better” means to you, and it’s difficult to plot the right course of action when you’re not sure what your desired outcome is. Many resolutions are vague in this way: get in shape, worry less, spend more time with loved ones. For eg, eating 2 fruits daily or Drinking a glass of milk every day.

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We overwhelm ourselves by focusing on substantial changes down the road rather than on small changes in the here and now. Let’s say, Paying off ₹2 lakh debt this year. when you give yourself a long timeframe (entire year) to achieve it, you end up procrastinating or splurging, telling yourself you’ll make up for it later but ultimately leave it behind.
Instead, you can make small-small goals like paying off, 5000 per week, which seems relatively easier and prevents procrastination. and also monitors at regular intervals.


One step in the wrong direction and you end up breaking it. Suppose your goal was to “not eat junk food, more than once a week”. And, in the initial weeks, you eat it twice. you are more likely to forget it by explaining self that it’s broken and useless to follow now. But instead, you must start again. Just stop giving yourself excuses.


Change is inevitable but you aren’t ready to accept it. Obviously, no one likes to move out of their comfort zone. Literally no one. But, those who do, are the ones who genuinely want to bring a change. Your simple laziness acts as an obstacle in the way towards your success. But once you take a step towards it, you start realising its goodness, so you must ‘start’ working towards it.


A major problem is the psychology behind the word ‘resolution’. It’s a strong, demanding word. It screams, “I must!” It’s a demand that we place upon ourselves, and there is no room for failure. Yet, failure is pretty much inevitable, which ultimately leads to disappointment. We shouldn’t feel compelled to take one, just because everyone else does, and shouldn’t think what we should, but rather what we want to change. Also, we mostly take resolutions that are negative in nature. for eg, “Not eating junk” or “Not sleeping till or after 9 am”, we tend to avoid negative things. simply making it in a positive way, supposedly “Eating Healthier or waking up before 9 am” can help bring a positive change.

Therefore, Resolutions should be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound. Make a smart resolution this year, and bring a positive change into your life.

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