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Monday, August 10, 2020

Top 10 April Fools’ Day 2017 Pranks to Play on your Friends and Colleagues at Office

Are you looking for some wacky ideas to play a trick on your colleagues on April Fools' Day?

Written by Jyotsna Basotia | New Delhi | Updated: March 30, 2018 7:46:52 pm
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It’s April 1, and you know you can’t bank on anyone. After all, it’s April Fools’ Day and most of the people seem to be knocking their brains to pull off a prank on friends and colleagues at work. From calling your boss to tell him you aren’t going to turn up for work to making biscuits minty fresh with toothpaste before offering it your colleagues — there are umpteen ways to formulate a witty plan for the day.

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Are you looking for some wacky ideas to play a trick on them? Well, we have some of the best ideas enlisted below — that are easy and doable. So, what are you waiting for? Get set with all the fancy fooling!


Click your colleague’s picture when he is taking a nap on the desk someday. Get it printed and stick it on the bulletin board of your office or just place it on your boss’ desk. Roar with laughter when he calls your colleague and join the laughing gang!

Are you sleeping? (Source: Thinkstock Images)


No matter how many times we’ve seen it, this prank never gets old. All you need is red food dye, and a cotton swab. Fill the tap will red food dye beforehand, and get your colleague to the washroom along with you. Wait for them to turn on the tap and see the horror on their face. To add to the drama, you can also paint your hand with red and print it on a window nearby.

Red alert! (Source: Pixabay)


Get a radio or play a recording or a song on a mobile phone and hide it in a cupboard or drawer near to your colleague. And when he asks you if you can hear the sound playing in the background, simply say no with a straight face and see them frantically search for the noise maker throughout the room!

Lock it in the drawer. (Source: Thinkstock Images)


Want to trouble someone at work? Stick a cello tape over the sensors at the bottom so that mouse stops working and see them struggle with it. Most people won’t look down and would keep clicking it out of angst. Shout out ‘Happy April Fools’ Day’ when they finally give up.

Why is your mouse not working? (Source: Pixabay)


Make your friends or colleagues think that their screen is cracked. Sticking a scratched film of screen guard that makes it look like it is cracked or if you can manage to lay hands on their phone, downloading a high resolution image of a cracked screen and saving it as the screensaver will do the trick. Make sure the screensaver stays for more than 30 seconds.

Cracking hearts! (Source: Pixabay)


Buy a few plastic cockroaches, spiders or insects and stick it on top of their lunchboxes. If you can manage to put it right on their food items, it would be even better.

Fly on your food? (Source: Thinkstock Images)


Pick any two colleagues and switch their telephone plugs. Watch them with an evil grin as the two struggle to answer calls for each other all day long.

Tring tring! (Source: Pixabay)


Does your friend jump at the sight of a lizard or spider? Order fake creepy crawlies online and stick it under the lamp, on the wall or slip it near their footwear from under their desk, and make it look real. Just make sure that when they see it, it scares their pants off!

Eww… Lizard! (Source: Thinkstock Images)


Attach an air horn on your colleague’s chair and see them jump in shock as soon as they sit aback.

Of noisy pranks! (Source: pivottofakie/Reddit)


You might have played this prank with tons of your friends but it would be equally fun to do it with your colleagues. If you know your colleague’s extension number, then change your baritone and keep calling him up until he gets fed up of the wrong number!

Who’s calling? (Source: Pixabay)

*Evil grin*

Which one will you pick? Tell us in the comments below.

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